Organizational Structures

Matrix Organizational Structure

In the early stages of the Britt Company, it had a functional organizational structure aimed at efficient coordination of the company activities and to ensure that its employees are highly motivated. However, due to the need for prompt development of products and efficiency in meeting the customer needs, and to ensure favorable competition, the company opted for the matrix organizational structure. Through the matrix structure, the Britt Company will be divided in terms of the function and products of the company. The company employees will therefore be able to report to only two managers, that is, the functional manager and the product manager.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Matrix Organizational Structure

Through the matrix structure, the Britt Company will derive various advantages. The structure allows for the company staff to report to a functional manager who is highly experienced and possess lots of skills. Besides, the product manager is also able to offer and set directions on issues related to the company products. The structure eases communication within the company and therefore leading to increased learning. The structure also ensures that the company products are cost effective and of high quality due to the focus by the functional and product units. Besides, it ensures the eff

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