Originality and creativity in architecture


Originality is the ability to be inventive and new in an idea. It has to be unique and exciting without being related to someone else. Moreover, it has to be distinguished from relatable but not similar ideas to be ruled out as the original. Inquiring into ideas with the aim of yielding distinct areas is a reflection of originality.

On the other hand, creativity concerns itself with conceiving new ideas from the potentiality in mind. Creative is majorly subjective which narrows the focus on the concept at hand (Aylett, 2015). Ideas as result of creativity can be done through experiments in the spirit of an individual. Therefore originality is based on yielding new insights that are inexistent while creativity lies on improving existing ideas through the potential of the mind and bringing out a better aspect of the same.


Creativity is pursued mainly by the organization when recruiting employees who will put new ideas to work. Inspiration leads to creativity during problem-solving that move through processes to create new designs. Inventions that are in use in upgrading society are the result of originality. Hence, imagination can be considered as improvements to old concepts and aspects. Thus in organizations that are facing problems and competition require creativity from their employees to meet the needs in the market.

Architecture has an intuition that is based on originality and creativity in designs. The practice has to illustrate creative dynamism in designing desired projects (Atavar, 2018). Inspiration leads to innovation while delving on the arising problems during the process leads to creativity; for example, an architect has to strive to be original to stand out to their receptive clients. The current structure built in areas that were deemed improbable such as desserts are the outcome of originality and creative minds.



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