Orlando Movie

Orlando is one of the characters in the movie which is wonderfully complex and multi-faceted. Multi-faceted means that the character has several characteristics. Orlando is the protagonist and the primary interest of the narrator in the movie. Orlando transforms in terms of the gender and through this transformation process his/her character develops. He initially is a nobleman whose interest is in lovely women, but Orlando, however, ends up as a woman.

Although s/he transforms throughout the movie the character traits do not change much. Orlando is brave and prefers the nature of people and loves poetry more than anything else[1]. Orlando is brave, and when she wakes up as a woman, she behaves generally except for the first few days. Her sexuality does not determine who she is because gender roles are not biological but are rather societal. Orlando is also transformational as he changes to fit the rules of those who are around him.

Orlando, however, reaches a stage where she is tired of changing to fit the rules of those around and becomes independent[2]. Orlando therefore after transforming became a character who could not be influenced by people’s rules. She becomes resistance to societal conformity and instead chose to focus on her internal life ignoring all external distractions. She transforms into a different character where she does not please those around he but rather has the freedom to do whatever that pleases her.

Independent mind is the only character trait that changes. The rest of the traits such as courage remains the same even after transforming from a gentleman to a reflective woman. The aggressiveness also remains even after transformation and whatever stand s/he takes s/he is determined to go on with it.



























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