How does your textbook define ostracism?

Is an act of being rejected or ignored by a social group or society which makes an individual that makes an individual feel excluded and lack of sense of belonging.

What caused Kip Williams Ph.D. to start this research?

He started his research when one day he was taking a walk with his dog. He met other guys who were playing and decided to join them in the game. Within a minute they all stopped gaming. This made him feel hurt amused and terrible. He then decided to go back to his lab and started carrying out more research basing on his experience.

What was one of the methods used to determine the effects of ostracism by Dr. Williams?

He used a computer game with three people where they were tossing the ball with each other. When the ball was thrown to one of the players, he gave it to only one participant while the other got the ball only once or twice and eventually never got it again. This made the individual lose a sense of belonging self-esteem went down and thought he had never before in this environment. The individual felt sad and angry as he felt excluded from the other two.

What are some ways people can be ostracized according to Kip Williams

Being rejected and avoided by others in a group. This makes an individual lose a sense of belonging and low self-esteem. An individual feeling to be not part of the group makes him feel distant and like he’s not worth to be there.

What are the reactions observed from people who have been ostracized based o Dr. Williams research

Rejected people make an individual do something to get back. They will be so more likely to comply with their requests for money or give them money regularly. They are also socially sensitive, so they pay more attention to social like giving you a genuine smile as they want to be back in the group.

Is it easy to change the behavior of those who choose to ostracize others? What does Dr. Williams say

Yes, that’s by forming groups which provide individuals with a sense of belonging as it changes behavior. This is as a result of social connection  created within groups.

Have you or someone you know been ostracized? If so was behavior as described by Kip Williams?

Yes because the behavior of this person was really affected, low esteem and lack of sense of belonging. This resulted in depression and loneliness most of the time.

How can one buffer the effects of ostracism according to Kip Williams?

By changing the behavior of an individual that is forming groups which impact on social behavior. This encourages a better understanding of every individual and social acceptance.

Summarize the interview and post your comment(s)

Ostracism is an act of complete rejection from a group of people. Dr. Kip willies urges that ostracism causes both internal and external pain that causes depression and lowers the self-esteem of an individual.

Therefore I comment that groups and personal understanding can help to solve the problem of ostracism due to its impact on the behavior of individuals


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