Outer Ear

What is the helix?

The helix is the most outer part of the ear with a curve which ranges with a strong connection of the ear on the root to the end of the cartilage on the earlobe.

During otoscoping evaluation, where is the cone of light for the right ear?

The cone of light appears in the anterior inferior quadrant of the right ear during otoscoping evaluation.

What is the main function of the outer ear?

The outer ear gathers sound energy waves redirecting them to the ear drum.

What is cerumen?

Cerumen also known as the ear wax is a gray, yellow substance emitted by the body to protect the ears.

What color is a normal tympanic membrane?

The normal color of the tympanic membrane is pale, gray shiny with no bulging or retraction.

Inner ear

What is the shape of the cochlea?

The cochlea has a spiral shape that helps to detect low frequency sounds.

What is the organ of corti?

The organ of corti is the receptor organ situated on the basilar membrane of the cochlea for detecting sound waves to enable hearing.

The basilar membrane is tonotopically organized. what does it mean?

Tonotopic organization of basilar membranes refers to each segment having high sensitivity frequency, basically main tonotopic places rising to high frequency and low frequency allowing cochlear implants in response to sound tonotopically stimulating the auditory nerve.

What is the main function of the outer hair cells?

The outer hair cells instinctively trigger low frequency sound amplification that enters into the cochlea by an electrical driven motility of their cell bodies.

What fluid is in the scalia media or cochlear duct?

The cochlear duct has canals that contain perilymph and endolymph fluids which is a unique composition and does not exist in anyplace of the body.

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