Outlet Selection and Purchase

Outlet Selection and Purchase


I have been a very loyal customer of Samsung products, particularly with their sophisticated phone models Samsung Galaxy Note. Brand loyalty is a biased psychological process manifested by an individual when deciding to purchase a product from alternatives (Hawkins, 2013).  My commitment to Samsung brand series has lasted for the last seven years, and for sure the phone has been valuable to my profession as a field officer in a charity organization. Therefore I have kept tabs on the latest model to benefit from the latest features of the phone. I like the shape and the lightweight that makes it easier to carry it around when I am going on with my fieldwork. The features that are of great importance to me include a large display that allows a very clear view of items and pictures. Presence of Microsoft office tools such as word and excel enables proper documentation of records and data. The Samsung Galaxy note8 model has been a great asset to me coupled with its smooth and seamless edges; it makes it a wonderful gadget.   Since I spend most of my time outdoors, the phone provides with enough entertainment in the form of movies and music displayed infinitely(Poddar, 2017).  Besides, I can collect data and send to the department for collating, and also keep communication with the office through skype, emails,  and other social media platforms. The Samsung gadget has provided me a memorable experience, and my loyalty has increased significantly.

Furthermore, the company ensures efficient customer relationship management to address various concerns that may arise. I purchased the latest product from the firm Samsung Note8 because the phone’s Android is easy to use. Again, all app easily downloaded from Google play store.




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