Overcoming Objections Techniques

Overcoming Objections Techniques

  1. Indirect Denial.

Description: handling a buyer’s objection by initially admitting the validity of the objection in order to maintain rapport but then offering evidence to rebut objection.

Scenario: when the buyer objects the sales person’s message and it gives valid reasons for this objection, but the salesperson recognizes the objection and uses it to persuade the buyer.

Example: ’Mrs. Smith, your concerns on our accommodation services are valid, all of which we seek to address.’’

  1. Direct Denial: here the sales persons deny a falsehood or misconception where they want to leave no doubt in their response.

Scenario: when the buyer has had misleading information on a product and misconceptions, and the sales persons responds with facts that set the record straight.

Example: ‘Mrs. Smith, our hotel services do not have the qualities you listed. It is all misconceptions and wrongful information. We offer the best accommodation services.

  1. Compensation: Sales compensation is the combination of base salary, commission, and incentives that are used to drive the performance of a sales organization.

Scenario: when the salesperson is taking stock of the returns of his or her job if they’ve made any profits and efforts have been fruitful in widening the hotel margin profits as well as their income.