Owning possessions

Owning possessions is part of the crucial teachings outlined in the bible. It provides an opportunity for people to acquire property. Most of the time, ownership is associated with greed. However, the bible outlines the basic guideline of owning property. It further provides an opportunity for people to develop different qualities such as sharing and valuing the contribution of people in building the church.

The topic of ownership provides compelling lessons regarding biblical teachings. Having understood the core aspects and meaning of property, the critical points provided vary based on the world view of ownership and the biblical teachings. Besides, Christians perceive possession as a blessing from God. I support the fact that ownership involves taking care of our properties and using knowledge and wisdom to manage them. It is essential that people should take care of what they own. It is one of the responsibilities that God outlines in the book of Exodus.  He commands human beings to protect what they hold. As a result, people become responsible for what they do. Responsibility is a key toward establishing leadership and ownership of property. Without adopting responsible behaviors, then an individual would be prone to conflicts regarding the property.

Ownership provides us with an opportunity to imitate any attributes about God. It is evident that God encourages people to act with wisdom,  knowledge, creatively love, and kindness. Above all is to imitate love through the ownership of property. This is evident from the way people share what they own and provide to the less fortunate in society. Through the purchase of property, most of the people gain wisdom through biblical teaching. The teachings outline various ways of managing properties and having a basic understanding of sharing with others. With minimal resources in the world, people also access an opportunity to deliver the right practices in developing appropriate solutions to problems facing people. For example, it seeks to provide for those who lack and addressing major disasters linked to a deficiency of food. It is through the property that people can assist those facing disasters can access an opportunity to gain help and address their problems.

Ownership provides an opportunity for Christians to understands their stewardship role. It shows that people who believe in the teachings of God practice His command. It enables them to realize that what they own does not actually belong to them but only acting as stewards and taking care of what God’s creation.  Being responsible stewards provides an opportunity for more responsibility and allows people to have an opportunity toward both owned and unowned resources of wealth. The desire to hold possession is outlined severally in the teaching of Jesus Christ. Having led and discipleships the teachings demonstrates the ability of people to develop means of accommodating challenges while practicing the right values in owning property.

Even though the teachings on ownership provides a diverse context of understanding the biblical perspectives of managing the property and what we own, I do not agree with the fact that we have to give with an expectation of waiting on God to return a similar amount of what, we offer to him. For instance quoting the, $100 delivered to God should not be expected back. Besides, I think the teachings of giving has raised controversial views of different religions.

On the other hand meeting, the needs of other people are challenging when the givers only focus on the biblical point of view. Therefore, people need to have fundamental limits of giving. Instead, they should own what is enough for their use and address significant issues linked over ranking possessions as part o their lives.

Owning a lot of property does not glorify God. The case is attributed to many cases where possession of excessive wealth contributes to pride. Besides ownership does not provide a significant opportunity of glorifying God. In the contemporary world, the ownership of the property has often led to temptation and facilitated significant issues linked to theft and robbery. Owning a lot of property further lead the neighboring people to sin. For example, the people surrounding owners of more property often grow jealous against those who have more. Therefore, holding possessions is prove to both positive and negative influences o pa person’s live.

It creates an opportunity for people to engage in unhealthy competitions. For example, people tend to compete in owning more property than those of their friends. This the results in negative instances such as murder and creation of ways that hinder people from developing desired aspects of owning property in the right direction.

Owning more property also cause people to turn away from stewardship roles. When provided with an opportunity of holding more wealth, people tend to focus on safeguarding their wealth are the expenses of achieving their stewardship roles. Furthermore, people have less time to glorify God since their attention drifts to wealth.

It is evident that some countries limit people from owning property. For example, the communist countries have focused on restricting means through which n its people own property. As a result, the poor are exempted from holding homes. It causes many temptations for people to the state and engages in harmful activities; thus, harming individuals with more property.

It is evident that most countries provide a law that governs the way that people own property. It is evident that ownership of the property has been used to glorify God. On the contrary, people have turned to use the feature as a tool for attacking the church. Similarly, have the rise of materialism has risen across different churches. Many people and church servant have become more affected by the need to have more wealth while serving God. The process has turned the church into something different than what God intended.

God gave human the ability to manage the property. However, the rate of mismanagements are on the rise, and this has influenced other environmental aspects such as pollution. Having an organized way of owning property is what God requires, from people. Also, it provides an opportunity for the church to address significant problems regarding g methods that people apply n  owning properly.

The ownership possession is right. It allows appropriate management of the creation of God. Besides, it will enable people to fulfill God’s plan for human beings on earth. Having the ability to influence the process of owning possessing has however been affecting with different rates at which people accumulate possession for wealth, and this has had both positive and negative impact on the concept of ownership. For instance, it allows people to fulfill the stewardship roles as outlined in the bible. On the other hand, the practice of giving has raised different views of society. Possessions are also thought to initiate temptations and other negative influences in society.


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