PA 650 Project #2 Notes

  1. Come up with a definition of collaboration. What does it look like? What is it NOT?

Collaboration is the process where people come to work together with the objective of actualizing shared goals. It is more of a cooperation concept. However, collaboration is not communication. People might be in favorable communication terms, but they are not collaborating. Many people are not able to differentiate the two.

  1. What are the elements of collaboration that are found in the IT Strategic Plan?

Among the elements of collaboration in the IT Strategic Plan are organization, leadership and time. The element of organization is viewed on how the working groups were developed during the evolution of the IT Strategic Plan. The groups have been separated so as to increase efficiency based on each team’s capabilities. There were teams involved with  e-learning, ICoyote, University Analytics, Stable and Secure Infrastructure and iEngage. The aspect of time involves the date when the strategic plan was initiated up to the end. After one individual is through with his/her part on a particular date, the other individual takes it from there and does his/her part leaving time for the other party to execute their part. It commenced in July 21, 2015 and was completed on April 27, 2016. The leadership element on the other hand is demonstrated through the

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