Page 89 #1 Assignment

Page 89 #1 Assignment


Marijuana should remain categorized as a Schedule 1 drug. One of the reasons for which the drug should never be removed from this classification is that it lacks verified medical values. Instead, marijuana is a harmful drug. For example, it affects brain development and may impair learning, memory, and thinking functions. Further, removing marijuana from Schedule 1 classification may resulting in epidemic use of the drug by young people in the United States. Many youths in high schools, for instance, may perceive that the drug is legalized and begin to abuse it. The situation could result in increased criminal activities including illegal drug deals.


The argument that marijuana has some severe side effects on human health is one that cannot be denied. Indeed, it is a fact that no matter one consumes the drug, marijuana can lead to long-term or immediate effects such as increased heart rate changes in perception. However, it is important to notice that any drug can be beneficial or dangerous depending on how it is used and marijuana is no exception. For example, if used appropriately, pot can be an essential substance for treating stress and depression patients. On the other hand, the drug can damage the brain. Most importantly, the current federal classification of marijuana blocks scientific research on the drug’s potential benefits. For instance, researchers who wish to study marijuana have to overcome discouraging bureaucratic red tapes, which do exist for other substances.

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