painted soup cans


This essay will describe the color of an American artwork known as painted soup cans. It was created in 1962 by Andy Warhol. It can also be described as the museum of modern art. The medium that was used to create the art is the synthetic polymer art. It was a form of advertisement where Warhol was inspired. Moreover, this type of art is also hand painted. He created this art because of his love for Campbell’s soup. He also had the taste of coca cola in mind. From a distance, someone may think that the pierce of art is a coca cola advertisement.

Analysis of the text

This piece of art demonstrates that Andy Warhol was creative. He used the colors that resemble those of Coca-Cola Company to catch the eye of the audience. Besides, he used red color and white which are catch to any viewer. Therefore, anybody visiting the museum could have viewed this form of art. Moreover, he links this art to soup despite using colors that resemble those of Coca-Cola logo. This art was beneficial to the manufacturers of beverage companies that apply his skills is today’s world. These entities use cans that resemble those of Andy Warhol to pack their products. The art has good color quality and it indicates that people love soup in the US.

Personal response

In my own opinion, the artwork is good because a variety of materials and paint to create it. However, the use of colors that resemble those of Coca-Cola may create confusion. Some individuals can confuse it with Coca-Cola tins


This is a type of art that is closely associated with the American diet. It forms part of the menus that most Americans consume. The use of similar colors like those of Coca-Cola is a strategy he used to catch the attention of the viewers. This is because coke is famous across the globe.