Painting a picture

Choice of words in passages or paragraphs mean a lot in any writing. Since any form of writing is intended to send information to a given audience, writers carefully select words that can attract the attention of the audience so they can get the expected information. To make the writing more appealing to the readers, some writers choose to use drawings with short notes illustrating the meaning of such a picture to ensure it captures the attention of those reading the text. As a result, the choice of words and appealing in a given text or passage mean a lot in the writing world. This essay will focus on the writings by McCloud and how he used various styles to give out his messages.

From the passages written by McCloud, the choice of words are always appropriate in ensuring the intended audience gets the message. The notes besides every picture show what the image means which gives the readers a prior knowledge of the information contained in the text. For instance, on page 251, in the first passage, the pictures show writers who are appreciating the works of the comics and how it has helped them. To prove that comics is a continuous process, the writers say that, one should not learn some concepts and leave other but instead, read all to know the full content of comics. “I hope you’ll all consider exploring… or continuing to explore…comics on your own.” This text shows that comics should be learned daily so the people can become well conversant with it.

The choice of coloring in the text is crucial in ensuring that the passages send out useful information. The painting of black and white makes the pictures unique so the audience can get attracted to learning more about it. It also gives the originality of something as coloring can distort the information. The drawing at the beginning of the passage is instrumental as it introduced the reader on the expectation of the essay. The use of pictures eases the delivery of the information as much information is contained in a single drawing. This helps the writer to save space and time. Also, the arrangement of the pictures is systematic which is essential in sending out information to the larger audience at a time. The arrangement of words is also in an orderly manner as each word introduce the next paragraph.

John Lewis and his co-authors chose to use their life experiences as a way to make the information more original. Many people will tend to believe in the stories as true because they are being told by the right people who saw every event during the movement.  Being that they were leaders in the movement, their life experiences gives the exact accounts of the events. This is advantageous as the information is of the first hand and many people tend to believe it than secondary sources. However, some people might not trust it as they can argue that the writer might have changed some parts to make it appealing to tell to the audience.