Paintings and a Piece of Music

Paintings and a Piece of Music

Two Examples of Paintings and Music whereby each is from Different Disciplines

There exist many arts in the both in the 21st and 20th century which complement each other whether in the same or different disciplines. Some of the complementary arts display displeasure, anger, happiness, family wrangles, lamentations while others display love entanglements (Albright, 2015). The most standing out 20th/21st-century paintings and music is Franz Liszt- Liebestraum-Love dream. I choose to couple the piece of a song with a painting from Antoine Jean Watteau. The song gives a dramatic feeling and romantic love emotions. This atmosphere Created by the song perfectly matches the current period through the elements portrayed in the song and the painting (Albright, 2015). The painting portrays a simple way to display calm love affectionate. Also, there is a peace and serenity feeling presented by the song in the first 30-45 seconds. I am perplexed by Franz Liszt’s thinking when he initially wrote the song as I can feel the emotions in the song (Sharpe, 2015).

The cultural changes that evolved include digital paintings by the use of electronic devices such as computers which are clearer than the traditional. Besides, the attire has greatly evolved from the long traditional and decent clothing to short- indecent clothes. Both arts have used physical instruments to make their messages more vivid (Sharpe, 2015). For instance, the painting used different colors to enhance clarity while the music used different tonal variations and rhythms.

The reception of the two arts has experienced a mixed reaction. Some people criticize the nature of the painting that it does not portray the message clearly as it has used unattractive colors. On the contrary, people have applauded the music terming it as moving and relevant music (Sharpe, 2015).



Both the painting and the music displays the beauty of love. The attractive paintings and the posture in which the two participants in Franz Liszt’s painting indicates a brighter beautiful side of love adventure. The rhythm of the song blows every listener’s mind while driving him to the land of love fantasy. The two arts are used to bring out the beauty side of love.





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