Papa Doc Leadership

Leaders are tasked with the responsibility of managing people and resources and ensuring that all things are in order and done in the manner that they are supposed to be done. Certain traits define leaders in terms of how they are supposed to manage people and resources respectively. Leaders need to be effective in what they do in order to be successful. The traits of successful leaders include social boldness that helps them in managing other people confidently. The leader should be confident while guiding juniors. The other trait is being resilient, and it helps the manager’s deal with various challenges that come with leadership.  The effective leader should also have stability in emotions in order to be able to deal with various challenges that they go through.

Papa Doc was not an effective leader because he was unable to manage the country of Haiti by misusing the resources of the country for his benefits (Henley, 2010).  The mismanagement led to the fall of the economy where resources were not used for the right purposes, the economy was doing, and the people suffered severely. The people were frightened to speak of the wrongdoings of the president because he had taken power through a military coup. Effective leaders need to have a good relationship with the people they lead.

Papa Doc was also not effective in managing the emotions of the people he worked with. He had created fear among the people after he took the leadership of the forcefully (Henley, 2010). The people around him never knew the action he would take in response to their actions hence the fear. Papa Doc failed in his leadership position as the president of Haiti. Papa Doc was unable to solve the various challenges that faced the people of Haiti such as eradicating poverty.



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