Paradise Now seems to Support Terrorism

Paradise Now seems to Support Terrorism

There has been a lot of discussion on the film paradise now and how it appears to support the issue of terrorism. The film centers on the lives of Said (Kais Nashef) and Khaled that lived as friends from an early age. The director seems to present these people as those living mundane lives in the west. Through the movie, the director does not introduce the idea that the two are members of the terrorist groups in Nablus. While there might be varying issues about the views of the director the film seems to support the problems of terrorism.

While it is agreeable that terrorists are just the regular people living the normal life, the way the director presents them seem to highlight the fact that they are not sick people. In the eyes of a view, the present might look to support the idea that we should not think of them as inhuman. The director shows the ordinary lives that these people live which is nothing different from the daily living of every individual. However, it is important to mention that as these people live the typical day to day life, at the end of the day their actions often fall short of the standard way of living. Bombing people and even the cases of suicide bombing is not ordinary. Therefore the movie seems to support the issue of terrorism.

In the film, there is the scene that shows the preparation that Khaled and Said take before they eventually go to do the twin bombing. They even go ahead to have a meal that seems to symbolize the last supper. The two seem to be happy and ready to commit the attack. The author does not seem to show that there is anything wrong with that they are going to do. Therefore I do think that he seems to support the issue of terrorism.




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