Part 2: Clarity of the written expression

Part 2: Clarity of the written expression

From the context of globalization, it is true that communication plays a crucial role in identifying the cultural pursuits that have been prevalent in today’s contemporary world. The world on a stage where technology has taken control of the many issues that are controlling humanity. This calls for people to be informed in the small world that the technology of nowadays has tried to create. This will be possible if the people embrace the changes each day hence promoting more innovation and invention of the technological realms. Communication is a critical aspect that makes the work of the parties involved quite more comfortable since the messages are easily conveyed from one person to another with much ease. This is done through various models that have been discovered over time.

This has been done through centralization of the global communication that makes it possible for people to share issues. This has made people in different capacities to be in a position to air their views in the social media platforms. There has been some growing concern from several categories of people who have been for the idea that they need special privileges.The has made it necessary to create a network of communication that allows them to communicate, plan and execute their programs through a central place. The feminists have been very actively involved in the voicing of the rights that they need to receive attention from various agencies. Their space has always been defended by their representatives and their position explain to the relevant agencies who have given ears to their issues. The social media network has been an instrumental bridge in making the process a success. Through globalization of communication, there has been the massive solution of the issues that are affecting the feminists among other so-called vulnerable groups.

The content of the information given captures all the issues that need to be put on board. People create and transform ideas through a system of effective communication. It allows people to transform what they have in their mindset into useful content that can be used for reasonable conclusions.Coomunication can only make sense if the information from one party reaches the other party at the recommended time and undistorted content. The creation of many social network sites   has been very instrumental in making the communication systems very useful to all the parties that can have the intention of conversing. The ease of the use of technology by majority of the people in this generation has been good news to the technological advancement.


There has been some harmonization of the communication systems across the world to create a level ground for both the developed and developing countries. This is because these countries have been having some similarities in the cultural backgrounds. The use of technology has heightened the advancement in communication owing to the fact that there has been many emerging needs in the communication arena (Kraidy,2017). It can be accounted that the digital technology has facilitated the working together of different people indifferent parts of the world. This is because the people are connected in different online platforms which makes them to have an avenue of enhancing their communication without much strain. In both developed and developing countries, there is widespread media fascination that has made the needs of the current generation to be made easy in the course of time.

The global communication in mobile technology has embraced the use of short message services as a form of alternative communication. Through this, there has been more speed in which the information is conveyed from one person to another hence more networking. Due to its cost effectiveness, it has enabled people to have a sense of togetherness when they are communicating. This has enabled majority of the people to engage in commercial activities which has ended up transforming their lives in the long run. The short message services enables people from different walks of life to have some form of a one to one platform where they can communicate their issues (Knox,Marston,& Imort,2016). . Messaging therefore has enabled them to have interpersonal issues handled just within a click of a button. Additionally, this has also enhance some level of privacy since the communication is solely between two parties.

The interaction of many communicating parties has given birth to various theories that have made a solid foundation in the communication networks. These theories act as a bridge in the provision of information of why things happen the way they happen. This means that they provide the explanations of the variables that affect the transfer of information in the communication arena (Justice, 2017).The world has become a small ground in which parties can sent information to one another just within a click of a button. This has necessitated the embracing of the current theories to allow people to have good grounds to lay when it comes to explanation of some issues.

The cultural basis of any community is well established if there are good communication systems within that specific community. Many cultures have been linked together through communication mechanisms and platforms. This has been possible by the realization that culture share more similarities than differences (Jenkins, Baker& Dewey,2017). .However,there has been some gaps in this concept since some rich countries have been using their military influence to make some cultures to appear inferior. This has been condemned in many ways since it is likely to   be a cause for alarm in the once established relationships.

The fact that some counties have tried to use their political mileage to intimidate the cultural settings of others cannot be taken for granted. Despite this fact, it’s possible to still strengthen the cultural interactions between different communities. This is because the cultures need each other to do some comparison of their performances. Also, the basis of discriminating cultures based on communities’ political muscles is slowly becoming out of order. This neglection of the nations that are in such geographical locations have weakened the cultural interactions (Gunn,2017).  These gaps can only be filled by putting a good rapport of all the communication agents from all the cultures.

In conclusion, the trends that have been happening in the global atmosphere of communication has welcomed a lot of improvements that are taking the communication systems forward. This means that the environmental issues have diversified the networks that improve the relationships between people. This has really transformed the technological aspect leading to advancement in education, political flows, the organizational structure, the employment issues and trade transactions. The overall effect has been the shedding of more light in the cross cultural communication that has boosted unity in the long run


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