Part one of The Metamorphosis

Part one of The Metamorphosis

  1. Part one of The Metamorphosis.


In my opinion, many people often believe that the primacy of the human race depends on our brain, our ability and our desire to analyze, process and tame the world around us. In addition to this, there are other ideas about what makes us human beings. Precisely, we are partial to traditions that recognize individuals through their connections with others. According to the text, a person is a person through other persons. In regards to this, meaningful interaction with other person makes us whole, thriving and engaged human beings, with a stronger sense of belonging and inclusion.

The use of isolation is evident in several instances in the texts. For example, in the text, the traveling salesman Gregor Samsa wakes one morning to find that he has been transformed into a hideous bug. In addition to this, he is unable to communicate, Gregor considers further his sense of self and his family and works relationships in crisis.  Kafka also forces us to consider how much we define our humanity by the work we do and the company we keep. In conclusion, the text dwells on the need to remain interconnected even one develops from childhood to adulthood. Kafka’s novella The Metamorphosis reflects the ideas about industrialization and existentialism during the turn of the century.

Hi Aapria Pitts

This is a great and in-depth analysis. You demonstrated how the main character transforms into a monstrous looking insect and being trapped in a room in his own home illustrates Gregor’s sense of his human-form reality. In addition to this, you have highlighted how the reader is made privy to the fact that Gregor has to bear the burden of keeping his immediate family afloat financially. Gregor’s mind is ever on his family and how they can feel comfortable. Indeed this work is a good analysis.