Partial Government Shutdown

Recently, a section of federal government agencies is shut down due to a war between Donald Trump and the Democrats over the funding of the border wall along the U.S-Mexico border. Donald Trump views this as a way to prevent the immigration of people from other countries who flood the state and compete for employment opportunities with the U.S citizens. On the other hand, the Democrats object this move as they view it as a way of destructing the economy. Due to this disagreement, Trump has ordered for the shutdown for the section of government agencies hence rendering many people jobless as they have to wait for the problem to be solved before they resume their work. The move to build the border will have a direct effect on the government economy as it will lead to an increase in unemployment rate hence low government revenue.

The shutdown will affect agencies such as the department of treasury, agriculture, commerce, and transportation among another department. As a result, a high number of workers will be forced to go on a compulsory leave without a definite date of return. This will harm the economy as the revenue collection will reduce with a subsequent reduction in the development of the state. The compulsory leave will render many people jobless that can lead to the rise of antisocial behaviors such as theft and burglary which affects the lives of the citizens as well as the economic activities in the country. Other effects from the shutdown include the delays in the processing and approval of the loans by the housing authorities in the state. Similarly, the homeland security department will also delay in the delivery of services leading to increased insecurity. With all the inconvenience caused, the trump objective is not a good idea as it will not be good in terms of the state security and development as it affects sensitive sectors in the economy.

Preventing the migration of citizens from other countries will affect the economy negatively. Some of the immigrants are innovative and creative and can help boost the country’s economy through improved technology. They can also venture into a business that will enhance the performance of the various industries hence increasing job opportunities instead of limiting them. Also, it will stop the international trade between the United States and Mexico. The economic barrier caused will not only affects commerce between the two states but other countries that depend on goods from both nations via one of the states. Further, workers in other countries who are sponsored or supported by the agencies that are closed will also lose their jobs. As a result, the closure of the section of U.S government agencies is not only an American affair but a global affair as well.

Even though the Democrats fight it hard to ensure that the funding of the wall is not achieved, they will find it hard as Donald Trump does not want to relax his stance on the issue. However, the Senate work to ensure that the two parties agree. As a consequence, there is a room for compromise as Democrats had initially offered 1.6 billion dollars for border security. Although it is below 5.7 billion dollars that trump requested for the same, he might give in to allow funding of the government without progression on the construction of the wall. This will be advantageous as the money can be used to promote other departments within the government. The Senate should try hard to ensure there is an agreement between the two parts, but the Democrats should cling to their stand as it will save the state’s economy which is at the verge of collapsing. Continuous closure might take the U.S back to great depression that had affected the States’ economy in the early 19th century.

In conclusion, the shutdown of some agencies in the United States government hurts the economy as well as the security of the country. It will lead to an increase in the unemployment rate which will result in the reduction in revenue collection. As a result, the development of the country will be delayed. Further, the increase in the unemployment rate will lead to the rise in antisocial behaviors such as theft which affects the security of the country as well as economic activities. Due to this reason, the Democrats have maintained their stand to object the request which they view to be an enemy to the growth and development of the state. Even though Trump does not want to give in, he might be convinced to harken to the demand of the Democrats.  This comes as a result of the decision of the Democrats who had offered some section of the money for border security. The Senate works hard to ensure that the two parties come to an agreement which is good news to the state as most of the agencies will work hence making people who had lost jobs to continue working thus increase the revenue collection.