Patient children in a hospital setting study

The random sampling study design will be used to collect data among the patient children in a hospital setting who have an acute burn injury.  A sample population of children with severe burn injuries who were admitted three days earlier will be used in the study.  The population of children to be used in the study will comprise of (N = 320). The data will be collected through the use of questionnaires, interview and use of retrospective chart review. Open-ended questionnaires will be provided to the children one day before the actual research day. The children who will not be able to answer the questions in the questionnaires will be allowed to seek assistance from their parents. The interview will only be limited to those children who have their parents around, and this will be conducted along the side beds where the patients are located.

A retrospective chart review will be conducted to all the clinical nurses to investigate the treatment procedures.  A review of the history of the patients, diagnostic procedures, psychiatric consultation, and notes from the health physicians will be done to identify the appropriateness of the management procedures (Texas EMS Trauma, 2016). Changes in the medication will be analyzed to examine the effectiveness of the medication.  Comparison between the management procedures will be done and paired using t-test. The data will be analyzed using statistical analysis software such as SPSS.

The study will be conducted for two days, and the data will be stored automatically through computer software. The participants in the study will consist of physicians, nurses and the ministry of health officials. The physician will provide data for patients who have been discharged after a successful care plan for burns. The nurses will give the details of every patient in the hospital who has been admitted with burn injury and the type of care they provide. The ministry of education will assist in the interpretation of the results after an analysis is carried out on the collected results.

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