PBIT in Downtown San Bernardino

Downtown San Bernardino needs the establishment of the Property Based Business Improvement District. The PBID will be involved if offering a wide range of service options including maintenance, marketing, public safety, economic development, parking management and special events among other services or improvements in the district. This aspect will ensure that some services affecting the district are provided by private non-profit organizations as opposed to the government.  Among the advantages that the Downtown San Bernardino will experience is the involvement of stakeholders with long-term investment desire and desirable improvement goals for the community. It will also become more efficient while implementing development strategies in the region since the approach involves a base of small stable tax payers. This is because the decision-making process will be fast.

The parcels involved with the PBID are meant to make the business district better. Any action taken should have the ability to bring positive change in the region. Redundancy should not be experienced in this regard.  In order to revitalize the district, money should be spent on instigating a clean and safe program, improving the economy and administration prospects. Clean and safe aspects would be achieved through taking care of various environmental proponents and enhancing the security. The economy, on the other hand, would be improved by way of beautification coupled with business growth and retention. Money spent on administration should only account for a maximum of 10% of the funds involved.

Some people might argue that the City should be providing the services being associated with the PBID. However, the truth is that PBID is not meant to replace the existing City services, but to enhance them. This is because the PBID can succeed in areas where the City government fails. Among the reasons is because PBID operates without red tape and civil service rules. Employees can be hired and fired based on their performance and not their civil service status or various government mandates.

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