Pedagogy, teaching, and learning

Before reading Mclaren & Giroux’s article, my understanding of pedagogy, teaching, and learning was that the three are interlinked to one another. Teaching involves passing of knowledge from the teacher to the students using various approaches. Learning, on the other hand, involves the state or the students making efforts to receive knowledge and skills from the teacher. However, pedagogy defines the process of exchanging the knowledge and skills within the educational context. Pedagogy goes further to examine the approach of teaching by the teacher and considers learning and how the interactions take place within the learning environment. After reading Mclaren & Giroux’s article, I have known that the language of use stands in between the teacher and the students in the educational settings. In educational theory, language gives every individual the power to have self-definitions to allow a person to act, negotiate for their positions, and understand the relationship they have with others. Reading the article helped give more light on language use in education and its influence in pedagogy that plays an essential role in teaching and learning.

Mclaren & Giroux’s ideas connect to the various understanding, knowledge, and skills that learners have acquired in terms of social, cultural, and political aspects. Individuals have a different understanding of the society depending on the first language they were exposed to when they first become part of the small community, the family. Critical pedagogy has is achieved alongside the life of a person as one experience cultural and political activities that all have unique language used. This defines what entails different people holding powers at different levels as we have read this week.

The ideas of Mclaren & Giroux can be extended in a way to create awareness among students on how they can improve their knowledge and skills acquisition. The discussion can further including the best teaching and learning theories that express educational strategies. The big question is; does language all that matters in pedagogy, teaching, and learning process?

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