People, process, technology paradigm

“Technology, people, process” paradigm is a concept that is needed to support health information systems as it is important in the clinical services. Medical professionals require this concept in ensuring that they give proper attendance and care to the patients. Since HIS applications require available technical infrastructure, the aspect of technology is important in this field. This essay will focus on how important the concept of “technology, people, process” paradigm is to the success of HIS functioning in health care.

The concept is essential to the HIS functioning as it will give a proper understanding of electronic health record systems. The process will help in the laboratory testing and radiology which are essential parts in the health care systems. When people understand how technology ease the process within the clinical areas, it will make them work efficiently in ensuring that the patients are well taken care of. The aspect of technology is vital in medical fields such as computerized physician entry, clinical decision support, and registration among other elements which are essential in the provision of health care.

The three concepts must work together for the organization to run its activities and operations smoothly. For example, in electronic health records, people are required to operate the system to capture the health records of various patients. On the same not, the process must be followed to ensure that the system runs as required. To make the process work efficiently, the technology is needed as a backup for the security of the information.

Conclusively, the concept of technology, people and process are vital in ensuring that HIS functioning is efficient. Organizations should apply this concept to make work easier for the employees. The idea should be used more in health care for the proper provisions of healthcare to the patients.

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