People’s Understanding of Theory and Model

I totally agree with the discussion put forward on how people should understand the difference between theory and a model. Also, I concur with the use of PROCEDE-PROCEDE model in a clean water initiative. However, the heath educators and promoters will use the models to represent the reality of the theory. Besides, although models are the basis of theories, the health education, and promotion programs will use the theories as the primary basis to explain the different phenomena (Fertman, & Allensworth, 2010). The PROCEDE-PROCEDE model is ideal for third world countries. The health program planners, educators, and the policy makers will use it analyze the situations in the third world countries. Similarly, they will design the health programs such as the initiative to promote the clean water. When using the model, it will help reduce certain diseases that might arise because of untreated water. The observation from the model portrays some lessons. For example, the task of program planning is larger and also comprehensive compared to what theory selection and application offers.



Fertman, C. I., & Allensworth, D. D. M. (2010). Health promotion programs: From theory to practice. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

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