Performance management Paper

Performance management Paper


The success of a company depends mainly on the management of the company. For any company to prosper, there must be a well-laid procedure to ensure that each and everything in the company runs smoothly (Sahu, 2007). The management should come up with a clear framework to analyze and cater to all the problems that might hinder the company from growing.


An analysis is a defined check and examination of data or information, by dividing it into its specific portions to discover their relationship. It is used to establish the problems faced by a company and the ways to solve (Smither & London, 2009). There are some critical questions which should are asked and analyzed well. For instance, in the case of Apple Company, what are the measuring results, behavior and the system of the company? If a change is to done in products and design, it should be carried out for the benefit of the company (Sahu, 2007). The move should improve the quality of the product and ensure that the number of customers willing to use the product increase due to its increased quality. The success of a company is measured through its operation, and it is very significant for any business organization to do things in a unique way (Smither & London, 2009). In the process of improving the quality of product or service, the company should do it in a way that is different from the others. The manager should be able to know that the company is entitled to face competition.

What are the profits made and the expenses incurred by the company?  Any company is to make a profit. A company that is not making profit stands the danger of collapse because it is not achieving the primary objective of the business (Sahu, 2007). Very nice strategies need to be made to ensure that a company makes profits. Some of the ways of increasing sales to make a profit are through offering good services (Smither & London, 2009). For instance, after sales service, selling in credit for the worthy customers, and showing courtesy to the customers ready to acquire the functions of the company.

Are the employees of the company competent? The term competence means that employees have the skills of running the company effectively. Many companies collapse because of the lack of ability for the employees. The workers of a company should have the technical know-how of the products of the company and should be able to educate the customers acquiring their services about the product (Smither & London, 2009). The employees should also be trustworthy for instance the ones who handle financial matters. The case of mismanagement of funds by rogue workers has led to the end of very many companies (Sahu, 2007). The staff should know in terms of academics; for instance, if there is an accountant in the company, he should be an experienced accountant who passed on in teaching institutions and acquired the necessary skills.

Does the company have any measurement system? In measuring the success of a company, different issues must be there. There are some critical factors to be considered when checking the growth of a company. The total income made by a company in different subsequent years is necessary (Sahu, 2007). The pay should be seen to increase as years go on an indication that the business is running well. When a company opens branches in different areas, it is an indication that the market is doing good. The gross profit made by a premise in a certain time is also another measuring system that can aid an organization to know if it is ending to the right direction or not (Smither & London, 2009). The profit should also increase as time moves on to indicate that there is no stagnation in the business.

In my conclusions for the above issues, in the first matter, the change of products and design should be aimed to suit the customers, and a company should ensure that it is in the right manner without any breach of rules of changing the product (Smither & London, 2009). The profits made by a business organization should be enough to guarantee the continuation of the institution. The expenses incurred by a business premise should be reasonable and, that cannot cause the company to run at a loss (Sahu, 2007). Profits are made in a company if the right thing is done at the right time by the right people. The competence of the staff of a company cannot be underestimated; therefore a company that aspires to grow big in the future should have skills. It is also necessary for the team to acquire additional skills to advance the business. Other skills are the skills which might not be worthily applicable in the industry but help in the smooth running of the institution (Smither & London, 2009). The financial statements of a company should be well scrutinized to ensure that the institution is on a close watch to provide that the business is performance is checked well. It is only through the income statements that a company can know if it’s growing.


In the issue of change of product and design, I recommend that a company should form a task force to handle the matter. The group would be moving to the market and getting new ideas to improve the productivity of the company as well as checking on other competitive products in the market to ensure that products are changed and become incomparable. In terms of the profit-making matter for a company, I recommend that a company should give tips to the employees whenever the company makes huge profits (Sahu, 2007). These will enable the workers to work hard because they know that they are going to be rewarded when the company makes good profits. Laziness should also not be encouraged by the staff. Concerning competence in a company, I will recommend that the employees of a company should undergo a competitive recruitment process to ensure the company gets the best staff (Smither & London, 2009). Incompetence should not be tolerated and, the right procedures should be used to employ workers. Employees should be applied in regards to competence but not to color, gender or ethnic group. Disciplinary actions should be exercised for members of staff who misbehave in the company to ensure that there is no laxity in the company under all circumstances. In the process of measurement of the performance of a business, I recommend that the financial statements should be examined by an independent group probably from outside the company (Sahu, 2007). This group will be able to advise the business on the right ways to grow the market for the reason that the group has no interest in the company and will give the company essential tips to growth.



Identifying the problem was very useful to me because it is easier to deal with a problem you are familiar with than the one you are not sure. Some of the strengths of my concept s were that they had all that it takes to run a successful business (Sahu, 2007). The concepts were critical and usually aided in establishing a good company. One of the weaknesses of theories is that some were very complicated to expound. The fact of using many concepts enabled me to incorporate all of them well and come up with a functional analysis (Smither & London, 2009). Another idea which I did not use was the location of a company. The site of a business is an issue that cannot be left. The concept of new conclusions came up due to close observation and understanding of the ideas.


Performance management enables a company to put all the structures in the right place in a company, and through this, the company runs appropriately. When all the requirements are met in running a company the company must prosper and grow other branches; therefore a need to incorporate the performance management (Smither & London, 2009). For any company that is not running correctly, there is a room for improvement for instance through the use of performance management which will allow the company to acquire what was lost. The administration and to more specifically the managers of a company should spearhead all the necessary materials, tools, technology, and skills to enable a business to grow up to the desired levels (Sahu, 2007). The main aim of a company is to make a profit so all employees should be aware of that.




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