Performance Reviews in the Organization

Performance reviews play an essential role in the evaluation of organizational performance. It creates an opportunity for the employees to access different competencies and develop a reliable plan aimed at enhancing productivity. The process further supports career planning and reviews of individual, organizational goals. The performance evaluation form empowers better management of corporate planning by keeping formal annual reviews and promoting a culture that values feedback and review process. Having analyzed the crucial components of the form, I think every organization should have an opportunity to develop precise strategies aimed at improving every aspect of organizational management, and this can be achieved through an organized management system. Performance evaluation forms thus provide such an opportunity.

Organizations should adopt the performance evaluation form for different reasons. Firstly, it provides an opportunity to achieve both long term and short term goals. The idea why every organization requires the structure is based on the fact that it offers a guideline of evaluating the impact of the employee to organizational goals. It is one of the methods that provide an opportunity to access problems regarding employees thus developing relevant strategies aimed at improving the corporate culture.

The forms provide an opportunity to identify the contribution of the individual employee. The forms further enable the managers to identify employee management strategies with the aim of boosting performance and creating an opportunity for innovation. As a result, HR should have a chance to analyze the need for adopting the evaluation form in the process of a significant decision-making process.

With the rising adoption of internet and social media platforms, organizations should have a system that analyzes employees’ capabilities and marketing strategies that enhance the public image of the organizations. Therefore, the first step is to provide a precise assessment of the employee’s contribution and achievement in organizational goals.  It is essential for organizations to have detailed information about the influence of HR managers and other corporate leaders regarding performance. However, without assessment of the performance then the organizations have less opportunity of developing realistic goals or achieving them as required.

Performance is one of the core elements that define the organizational position in the market. Besides, it determines the ability of the organization to explore new market opportunities and adjust its services to fit the needs of its clients. Therefore, the evaluation form should be adapted to provide a guideline of enhancing performance at every step where the adoption of market strategies are required.

The HR plays a significant role in developing a reliable plan for recruiting, promoting and motivating the employees. It is one of the characters that determine the rate at which the employees impact the organization. Besides, it also provides an opportunity for a good relationship between the employers and the employees. Therefore, this position should have a performance evaluation form to identify the employees that positively contribute to the organization. The HR should have a regular evaluation, strategies that develop an adequate understanding of organizational culture and the ability of the company to adapt to dynamic changes within and outside the company.

The form provides an opportunity for employers to build on the strengths of the employee and identify areas where improvement is required. Also, the way it creates a  working environment with reasonable performance standards. Such standards provide an opportunity for the employees and supervisors to communicate effectively and enhance an environment that provides between customer services to the community

Conducting appraisals is one of the regular activities across different organizations. Most of the organizations perform such examinations only once a year. However, performance evaluation would provide an opportunity for HR to conduct the process regularly. Regular appraisals stimulate performance and promote efficient performance. It also makes the employees feel valued thus spurring them to work harder and improve on significant organizational weaknesses

The performance evaluation form often contains the employees’ information, overall performance rating, and the overall objective rating.  It is designed to provide reviews and measurable objectives that can be evaluated through self-evaluation process. The form is appropriate to a wide range of business. Therefore, it should provide a summary of the employees’ work and other aspects such as attendance vacation time and keeping track of those employees that perform well.

Organizations should adopt this methods to provide an opportunity for efficient performance. Having the employee assessment reviews is  crucial in developing new policies. It offers an opportunity for the organizations to adopt new working policies based on the previous reports as outlined through the performance evaluation form. The program has had a positive impact on most of the organizations that focus on shaping new skills and introducing new products and services in the market. Therefore, the process of evaluation provides broader perspectives regarding organizational performance.

Evaluation based on performance creates an opportunity for the organization to strategize on handling risks and mitigating risks within the organization. It provides an opportunity for organizational stakeholders to conduct precise analysis on regulatory challenges especially those linked to high rates of employee turnover and poor performance and accountability of losses within the organization.


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