Learning involves mastering of skills such as walking, talking, sitting and skipping among others.Children learn these new skills that can otherwise be termed developmental milestones during predictable times periods of their lives (Faulkner & Gerstenblatt, et .all, 2016).They learn these through giving them lots of attention and help them practise the simple things like walking, interacting with the children through talking, playing, eating among others, limiting their television time to no more than one to two hours a day.

The family is a social construct that keeps society running smoothly.The families provide protection,  care, status assignment and emotional support to not only the children by the community in general.It moreover, creates a well-integrated society member by instilling their social culture into the children.The family play a significant role in childcare settings. For instance, through the interaction of the children, they help to extend teaching outside the school setting.The cognitive development of children happens during their preschool years, the parents and families need to be part of this development instead of entirely depending on the teachers (Faulkner & Gerstenblatt, et.all, 2016)

As an educator, I have several roles to play.First, they instruct the children on what to do and what not to.Secondly, they ensure that there is an excellent teacher-student relationship which is essential for learning.Thirdly they manage the behaviour of the students.Fourthly, they help in building good relations between the parents, teachers and colleagues.Lastly, they instil knowledge and skills to the children through the learning sessions (Bhaskaran, 2019)

The community helps the growth and development of their children.It gives the children a sense of belonging, connection and sense.It promotes the learning and social development of the children by allowing them to take part in community activities such as sports and other cultural festivals.For instance, in my community, the family members have a responsibility of ensuring the children grow up to become valuable society members.




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