Personal Entrepreneurial Competencies

Designing an entrepreneurial concept is a fulfilling concept that results in an idea generation. Through technological advancements, there have been increased recreational techniques such as video games among others. Hence, bringing some more educative recreational features to the video games would be a significant contribution through modernized technology. Not only would games be recreational facilities but educative items for the kids.  Through the games, there could be tests in between the sets to ensure a player passes the tests before proceeding to the next level after successful level completion. Although the tests could be less complicated and minimal, they would contribute a lot in developing the children intelligence. Therefore, what I would like to do is come up with a video game that has tested such as mathematical, English, historical or science related questions depending on the game that the players would have to complete before proceeding to the various levels of the game.

With a great passion for the change, I would be able to introduce the idea in the market thus conveying what I want to do. While engaging with game players passionately, I would convince them to adopt the new game and try out its trend. Trough the move requires bravery to have a follower for the new product effectively, I would ensure flexibility of the idea to ensure everyone is okay with the different forms thus making them desire to try out the game. As technological advancements have made it easier for people to access various items remotely, retaining the integrity of high level would be a way to ensure honesty and truthfulness of the idea. Therefore, while wanting to execute the plan, what I would also do is have originality and consistency.

For an idea to be successful, there are different skills that one need to comprehend and fulfill in the line of duty. Discipline is a vital character that plays a significant role in eliminating hinderances and promoting successful ventures. Through training, I will be able to have consistency in supply as well as in technological advancements for the products. Through discipline, one can have a trail of their innovations thus able to trace threats and risks to their ideas (Klimczuk, 2017). Achieving set goals and objectives is facilitated through discipline on the established standards and expectations. Strategies and tactics stipulated for achieving set objectives should be followed step by step towards the targets.

Trust for an organizer is a skill that is essential in making their ideas succeed in the making. Confidence makes one not to question their ideas success or failure, but instead, they believe in their knowledge. They always exude their faith in whatever they partake. According to Matt (2017), openminded situations are key in enforcing trust to the entrepreneurs. Therefore, I will exercise my openminded skills in the process to ensure efficiency and potentials of the idea implementation.

Additionally, this is a way towards commitment in duties. Giving much time and attention to the idea makes it more likely to succeed due to increased understanding of its nature. With creativity, an entrepreneur can have diverging opinions over their ideas thus trying them to make their plans work. Therefore, there need to be creative aspects in creating the project succeed.






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