Personal Reflections: “Up/Down” Bipolar Disorder Documentary

Personal Reflections: “Up/Down” Bipolar Disorder Documentary

This was a great documentary that welcomed us into the lives of those people suffering from the BPD. It gave a first hand experience of how people with the illness go through a lot of challenges which most of the time is brought about by the people around them who do not understand the disorder. I think all the people in this video were very brave to give their thoughts of what it is like to suffer from BPD. While watching it, it was worth noting a few things which really left me in awe with regards to the daily life of a bipolar individual.

It was interesting to note the stigma that people with the bipolar disorder have to go through in their daily lives from family, friends, neighbors and strangers. The ignorance that the public has towards people with bipolar is both startling and at the same time sad. The misinformation showcased in the interviews with people on the street wasunsettling and alarming. This is especially attributed to their lack of awareness of the normality of the illness. This documentary will help in ending the stigma that is associated with this illness and help in the battle against mental illness

It was also striking that some people with bipolar feel embarrassed and ashamed of the illness. I think it is a simple mental case which should not necessitate any embarrassment, even if the symptoms described can be severe. A mental disorder should be considered no different from a physical disorder

This is a great documentary that gives us a small yet powerful glimpse into the lives of those suffering, directly or indirectly from BPD.There is a lot of info in this short film. I think it is a good representation of what people having BPD go through.


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