Personal Statement

Since joining high school, I have always had this realization that any individual can achieve his/her goals with a correct mindset. Different opportunities surface for every person to showcase their talents or abilities. Personally, I hold on to the hope of finding a way to give back to my community and becoming a doctor specifically an emergency physician is my inspiration. To start, I will highlight my experience as an English student in Victoria, British Columbia in 2010. I learned a lot about team playing, proper communication skills with my colleagues and ways to handle people in need. Additionally, Victoria has a diverse culture and with this one learns how to appreciate different people.  The most significant value that I see in me is the value of service. It would not be surprising, therefore, that I have always had an interest in creating campaigns in my community. Some of them would offer awareness on how to handle emergency situations and basic life support methods.

During my time in the University, I held a vast responsibility with volunteering for diabetes and HTN campaigns. I was also tasked with the duty of mobilizing people to participate in organ donations and related campaigns. With such responsibilities and assertiveness, I gained leadership skills that would be valuable in my career path. It is the reason I am an ideal candidate to join Emergency Medicine residency in Canada. Entering into this residency program will not only give me a chance to solve issues in the medical specialty, for instance, examine a patient’s airway breathing circulation, but also increase my contribution as a member of the community.

Additionally, part of the motivation to joining this profession is because of my grandfather. He was involved in an accident in Riyadh with his brother and sister that saw him lose his life due to poor emergency services. It is after this incident that I made a pact with myself to become a doctor dealing specifically with emergency services. Another remarkable event occurred in 2013 when I was in my third year of medical school. My grandmother had a respiratory infection. One time at home, her condition got worse when she experienced high fever and fluctuating consciousness levels. Accompanying her to the emergency center, I observed how the emergency physician tried to identify the cause of her sepsis at the same time attending to her tachypnea until they came up with the intubation process. Obviously, I could see the teamwork in the emergency room as they tried to intubate her. It is not just the proper care given to her that I experienced; but also the intriguing communication that allowed faster and easier identification and treatment of the condition. Also, I learned that having a patient is a privilege, but sometimes challenges may occur in case immediate attention is not awarded. This opportunity allowed me to see how an emergency condition would consist of in case I wanted to be an emergency physician. Such circumstances necessitate a physician to work hastily using his hands to save a life while thinking on his feet too.

Therefore, through my inquiry of the residency program in Canada, I recognized many key features taught which align with the requirements of a care life-threatening urgent condition. I possess some of the theoretical and practical knowledge of how to deal with unforeseen events or the unknown which is a key facet to growing into an ideal Emergency Physician. It is also through these requirements that my interest in this job grew even more. I believe that my knowledge in the profession, as well as my enthusiasm for this career,  make me an ideal candidate and highly seek acceptance in the Emergency Medicine Residency program in Canada and certainly will utilize the opportunity given to transform into a competent doctor.

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