Personal Statement on My Desire to Pursue a Ph.D. in Microbiology

Personal Statement on My Desire to Pursue a Ph.D. in Microbiology

Personal Statement on My Desire to Pursue a Ph.D. in Microbiology

Curiosity has always made me develop an interest in realizing my dreams. Feeling unwanted by the woman who gave birth to me, and growing under the care of my grandmother did not diminish my dreams of becoming of one the best microbiologists in the world. My grandmother raised me all alone. She showed me immense love, but cancer could not allow her to enjoy the fruits of her labor: my success.

When my grandmother passed on, and I had to cater for myself. I almost lost hope in life and cursed cancer. At sixteen years, I managed to graduate from high school due to my exemplary performance. I received an acceptance from Old Dominion University. My dream was to graduate early. However, as fate had it, I was also expecting my first child, and my dreams were cut short as my family could not offer me the necessary support.  I had to find ways of supporting myself and my child; hence, I enrolled into the military, and successfully served for four years. However, this was not my career path, as I was diagnosed with cerebral thrombosis episode and this incapacitated my military services.

I was discharged from my military duties. I later worked as a dispatcher in Ft. Benning, GA.  Additionally, family life was beckoning; I married and got another child. It is during my marriage life that I saw it right to continue with my studies by joining college. However, as fate had it, my marriage failed.  I also learned that the man I knew as my father was not my biological father, and my biological mother was diagnosed with HIV and passed away. These were new revelations that changed my life in different ways. My mother’s medical issues triggered my curiosity further, and I wanted to pursue a career in medicine, sciences or microbiology. Despite, the shaky background, I vowed to pursue my career dreams, and be a role model to others.

I had to cater for myself and children; hence I applied for jobs across the United States. The Department of Defiance saw my reliance and dedication and finally hired me as Marine Corps Dispatcher. I later worked as an Administrative Assistant, a post that saw my salary being appraised. My dedication and exemplary work earned me a job as an administrative assistant. The promotion gave me an excellent opportunity to live comfortable with my children. My dream to further my education was still alive. I enrolled in night classes, and this rekindled my hope. I later resigned from my job, because the offered degree programs were not science oriented.

As I attend the Fayetteville State University, I know that my specialty is microbiology and some of my achievements include Chancellor’s list Fall 2105, Dean’s List Spring 2016, Dean’s Fall 2106, McNair Scholars Program. To become an effective team member, I will use my intellectual curiosity. Over the years, I have learned to use my background, and translate into resilience and hard work. I have also played a significant role in detecting new infectious agents. My interest is to find the cause of infection such as cancer and HIV, which proclaimed the lives of dearest members of my family. As a student, I have always made a difference by presenting different research articles to the team, and I will always dedicate myself to doing the same while pursuing my studies in microbiology.

My grandmother always advised me not to give up on something I believe in, despite the circumstances. The journey has been long, and the end is near. I look forward to having a Ph.D. in microbiology.

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