Personal Statement Example

Personal Statement Example

Before I knew political courses existed, I loved politics and anything affiliated with it. As a young Arab girl who spent most of her leisure time watching international news on television, I developed an interest and passion for women rights, law, and international relations. I hoped that one day I would become a female version of Martin Luther King Jr., and advocate for the female rights not only in my country but also across the world. Later, in one of my researches, I learned that for one to become an outstanding advocate for women rights and an inspirational female figure, it was imperative to have a vast knowledge in a wide range of courses including law and political science. Additionally, I realized that the career that would rhyme best with my qualifications and passion would be diplomacy. Since then, I decided that I would pursue political science which subsumes international relations.

Realism, liberalism, feminism, and postmodernism are among the theories of international relations that fascinate me the most, and political science will help me understand them better and practically use them in my career. As an Arab woman,a concept of international relations called empirical feminism has attracted my attention. The perception focuses on the exclusion of women in the world of politics and the study of international relations as a course and seeks to bring equality.The theory assumes that men’s experiences and ideas count for both male and female and therefore the women’s views are disregarded. To understand some of these essential concepts and their practicability, I have been conducting thorough research which entails going to libraries and browsing the internet. One of the roles of a diplomat is to protect the interests of her citizens in the host nation. For this reason, I have endeavored to study a variety of countries’ foreign policies, socio-cultural life, and economic statuses. Familiarizing myself with these aspects will not only help me in my study of political science but will also enable me to influence the formulation of beneficial foreign policies for my country and negotiate the welfare of my citizens while in other countries.

Currently, I am pursuing foundation courses at OnCampus, London. My pathway courses are humanities and human interactions, and they are meant to prepare me for law and international relations. Humanity courses such as sociology and anthropology have played a significant role in readying me to pursue political science and to become a diplomat. The programs have facilitated my comprehensive understanding of vital aspects such as culture, how different social systems operate, and what influences human behavior. For instance, learning about some African cultures has equipped me with the appropriate information that would prevent me from suffering a culture shock in the event I am appointed as a diplomat in an African country. I can speak six languages namely: Russian, Arabic, English, Dutch, Albanian, and French. Being multilingual, I believe, is an added advantage of a diplomat. I am convinced that the courses I am pursuing are prerequisites for my diplomacy career.

I have been active in a variety of extra-curricular activities since I started school. In my A levels, I was a member of the Model United Nations club, where we simulated the United Nations committees (Villanueva, 2007). Being a MUN member helped me to familiarize myself with the activities and functions of the UN, which is a crucial knowledge of a diplomat. The club was also instrumental in influencing my decision to pursue political science. As a member of the MUN club, I became more open-minded, learned the benefits of listening, negotiating, debating, and mutual respect. In sports, I was a member of the swim team, volleyball, and gymnastics. Being a member of all these teams taught me leadership skills, time management, balancing between schoolwork and the importance of social life. I have been involved in charity work, where assistance to the disadvantaged in society is provided. I am passionate about humanity and seeing justice prevailing is my motivation in life.

Last year, I was privileged to meet some officials of the International Maritime Organization that has its headquarters in London, United Kingdom. My interactions with the organization’s dignitaries motivated me to continue pursuing my dream career. I was impressed by their vast knowledge of political and economic matters. I knew the only way to be like them was to enroll in the best university and to work hard. I feel confident that my academic qualifications, leadership qualities, compassion for humanity, and passion for politics make me a potential student of political science at the university level. Pursuing a degree in political science in your university has been my dream, and when given the opportunity, I will prove to the world that Arab women can be competent diplomats.



Villanueva, R. (2007). What is model united nations? Retrieved from

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