Personal Statement Example

Personal Statement Example

Since I was accepted at King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to pursue my bachelor’s degree in law, I had become aware of the dynamics of the Saudi legal system and how it permeates business practices in terms of business being able to be successful. In addition to that,I have learned how the business industryis face paced, and as a lawyer in this field, one of my responsibilities will be to make quick decisions in order to ensure that the company can continue normal operations.

In addition to course work completed in commercial law, when I read about how companies and banks interact with commercial law in Saudi Arabia, the first click that came to my mind was how I can prevent negative interactions from happening in the future for businesses or what lessons I could learn from those cases to be more knowledgeable in future cases specially when Saudi Arabia joined The world Trade Organization in 2010. As a result of what I had learned in my university classes,and after I had observed many court cases, I realized my aptitudeto identify the most common obstacles in the Saudi globalbusiness sector, and I found that the most extensive problem was the slowness in which commercial disputes were resolved between the companies or the tradesmen in the Saudi commercial courts. Consequently, this painstaking process ofresolving the disputes often negatively impacts the companies because it interferes with speed in which commercial transactions can be completed. From this point on, I set my goal to find a solution for this problem in the Saudi courts.

In 2007, I worked as a trainer in the legal department at Savola Saudi Group for fivemonths. I expanded my knowledge about court processes, mediating, negotiating, and drafting contracts. In addition, I completed my graduation research practicum in the last term at the university in 2011. Specifically, I trained in the Ahmed Almalki Law Firm for five months at the in order to gain valuable experience. During that time, my brother who has been working for 10 years as a lawyer, informed me of some cases that the bank faced in the commercial courts and how much time the trial process took until they were solved, which further motivated me to reach my goal. In addition to coursework in my major, during my study at K.A.U, I volunteered at the Arts and Cultural Club and the Law Club. As a member of the Law Club, I helped organize the first Lawyer Forum in Saudi Arabia, in which the president of the court and over two hundred lawyers came to discuss how the court processes could be improved and how citizens could better be educated of their rights and about the legal process.

I earned my bachelor’s degree in 2011 with a high GPA (4.60/5.00), and as a result of my scholastic achievement, my government offered me a scholarship to the United States of America in order to complete my master’sdegree. Immediately, I recognized the value of this opportunity to not only improve myself in the field of international law but also to try to find a solution to expedite and improve the efficacy of the dispute resolution process.

I have chosen the (LLM) program in International and ComparativeLawat Mary’s University School of Law for many reasons. Foremost, I am looking forward to learning from and collaborating with the distinguished professors in the department, whom I am sure will provide me with an extraordinary opportunity in regards to research and a better understanding of the concept of the international law, which will enable me to bring my goal to fruition.Finally, I am very eager to contribute to the enrichment of your institution by contributing different perspectives and upon graduation, to be a respectable ambassador of the Mary’s University School of Law and its prestigious law program all over the world, and in particular, in my legislatively developing country.

Studying at Mary’s University School of Law will further my understandingof multicultural relations, enable me to analyze the legal system in the US and afford me the knowledge to return to Saudi Arabia to adapt and reform our laws. Therefore, I have chosen this LLM program where I am confident that I will gain the necessary knowledge and experience to help me achieve my goals and better my country. I look forward to learning under the direct supervision of your respected professors and faculty. I hope that you kindly accept me as a student.


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