Personal Statement

Question One

I have lived in this country for a long time and have vast experience in the area of business management having graduated from Arizona State University. Over the past few years, I have gained knowledge on computer engineering having worked for Oman Oil Company where I helped in research and data collection thus making the company better. While the position gave me a lot of experience, I’d love to dig in the area of business management to further sharpen my skills.

Question Two

In the near future, I envision myself working for a reputable organization where I will utilize my skills in making the operations of the company better. Most importantly, I hope to strike an optimal balance between my work and life as well as have time for my studies. Within the next five years, I should be working as a corporate in an international company that deals with oil products. Further, I wish to have met many new friends thereby extending my circle of friends and family. The experience gained from my work should be able to guide me in making the right decisions for the company that I am working for.

Question Three

I have apt experience in using and designing programs such as Excel, Word and Outlook since 2013 in management of business operations. My ability to speak in four languages including Arabic, English and Swahili makes me very effective in communication. For instance, I have been able to help in translate conversations between my seniors and several clients in the course of my work. Moreover, I have taken much training on the use of programs in financial management and the programs I have designed have been used in preparing financial reports. As thus, I am very comfortable with the Microsoft products.

Question Four

Ever since I was a young boy, I learnt that doing the same thing over and over is quite monotonous as I enjoy solving new problems in a fast moving environment. Further, I am a vocal person who is able to strike new relationships quite easily due to the ability to speak in many languages. Depending on the nature of your company’s business, I can easily be the contact person in relation to customers’ requests. I am looking for an organization where I can grow into new positions besides enjoying what I do.

Question Five

I have a list of motivations that drive me into applying for any job. However, the salary earned is not the first one. I am more interested in securing an opportunity that fits perfectly with my skills and experiences. In addition, my expectation is that I first get a job that matches my interests and that challenges me to work even harder. To me, the most important thing is to find the right work environment that can guarantee me of the motivation for the job I get. That notwithstanding, I believe that you offer a remuneration that is competitive in the current market.

Question Six

My greatest weakness has to be the fact that I am very critical of the work that I do. Quite often, I push myself too in making sure that my output is excellent and with minimal errors. While the same is beneficial to my performance, it is easy to go to extremes and get disappointed. In addition, I have discovered that it’s easy to waste time while proofreading and rechecking my work. To avert this scenario, I make a conscious effort to believe in my capabilities and trust my output. I have come to understand that there is a limit to proofreading.

Question Seven

I have researched your company and what you do but I still have some questions as regards the job on offer and the organization. What can you share about the job that is not disclosed in the job description? Does this organization promote from within? How long have you worked here and do you enjoy working in the organization? Thank you.

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