The Dimensional approach deviates from the common view that is used by the common approaches of viewing personality traits and disorders in distinct and separate categories and views personalities from continuous categories. The key proponents to this approach were psychoanalyst Dr. Kernberg and Carl G. Jung. According to Jung in his theory of psychological types human consciousness is characterized by its preference of general attitude and by preference within the two pairs of mental functions.  Dr. Kernberg on the other hand had a dimension called personality organization which described the severity of a disorder and the dimension of introversion and extroversion (Hoermann et al, 2013).

Jung’s approach to dimensional psychology was from the conclusion that one of the mental functions is dominant in any individual. Therefore the mental functions of sensing or intuition, thinking or feeling and judging or perceiving were all subject to the general attitude of extraversion or introversion. The individual’s attitude pointed to the direction where the mind was sourcing its energy from whereby the extraverts sourced their energy from the outside world while the introverts sourced their energy from their inner world. The psychologist who introduced two of the three mental bipolar dimensions (dichotomies) described the mental processes that take place on reception of information. The first dichotomy (irrational) described how people receive information. People in the sensing category put more importance on information received directly through their senses while those in the intuition category relied on the conception about things and they general view of the world. The second dichotomy (rational) described how people process information whereby thinking represented people who are less emotional and hence make decisions on unbiased reasoning while feeling described the individuals whose decisions are based on emotions and feelings.

Kernberg’s approach on the other hand looked like a grid with two intersecting lines representing the two dimensional approach with the vertical line representing the degree of personality organization while the x

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