Persuasive Claim

Kevin Hart

[street name]

[City, zip code]

Customer Service

Country Inn, Inc.

428 Church Street

Nashville, TN 37219

July 25, 2016


Dear Customer service,

I was a guest at your hotel accompanied by two other employees from my company. I am writing this with regards to the pricey hotel breakfast that was charged on the company’s account.

When making the reservations, the department’s administrative assistant was assured that we would be charged weekend rates with the inclusion of a hot breakfast at the hotel restaurant. As a result, we ordered a hot meal from the restaurant’s menu. However, the credit statement entails a charge of $114 for champagne buffet breakfasts. This must have been included erroneously since we did not take any buffet breakfast or champagne.  We got there so early that no buffet would have been set up. We only ordered sausage and pancakes.

There were other guests on our floor having a continental breakfast. Maybe the hotel expected all guests included in the weekend rate to eat there. The administrative assistant had inquired about this issue and was informed that we could order breakfast from the restaurant’s menu. As a result, the company may charge us for exceeding the presumed rates.

I am expecting that the charge will be reversed accordingly. I have included a copy of the statement indicating the charge.

Yours Sincerely,

Kevin Hart.

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