Persuasive Essay

Part 1: audience, father.

Now that I have gained this opportunity to study abroad, I would wish that you come with me. This opportunity will allow for you to advance on your degree as I attain mine. Together, we can assist each other in both academic and social matters as we study. Additionally, studying abroad will not only offer a better educational advancement opportunity, but you will also be able to network with some of the best in your industry of work. This will also benefit me as I will be able to learn from you and those you connect with. Currently, you are in a position to be granted a study leave at your place of work to allow you to travel abroad and study with me. Assuredly, upon our return we shall both be better positioned in the job market.

It is vital for you to study with me abroad so that I may be able to gain that quality education we both want for me. This is because as you understand, in the gulf it is not allowed for you, as my family to agree for me to study abroad alone. Your accompanying me will also ensure you take advantage of your education leave. Through this you will gain more skills and experience qualifications. This will raise your position in the career ladder and job market. Consequently, upon our return your will be able to procure a better positioned job in your industry. You will attain your dream career and life goals.

Conclusively, it is vital for me that you agree to study abroad with me. This is the only way I can take this opportunity and succeed. Moreover, it holds countless benefits for you, both in your career and personal dreams in life.

Part 2: audience, mother

As father agrees to go and study with me abroad, I ask that you too make the same decision. It is vital for our wellbeing and academic success that you are with us. This will allow you to further advance your studies. It will also give you’re a chance to explore other cultures and learn from them.  This is a vital aspect in ensuring that we are able to cope with the cultural and environmental change. Upon furthering your education, you will then be able to attain a higher job level in your industry. This will then see our family advance as a whole.

It is important for you to study with me abroad as it will ensure our whole family attains that high career standard we all dream of. Additionally, as you understand, your presence is vital as in the gulf it is not allowed for you, as my family to agree for me to study abroad alone. I consider my family to be both you and father. Moreover, you will gain advanced skills and experience. This will open better opportunities for your career and social life. As such, you will attain your dreams. This will advance our family as a whole.

It is conclusive your presence is vital for my abroad educational endeavors. It is also important for the advancement of our family as a whole. Together, we will attain better family ties amongst us and career standards in our different paths.

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