Persuasive Speech on Guns

“Protection is necessary but not to the extent of killing innocent lives. How would you feel if your innocent child is shot to death in the name of protection? Would you ever feel the need of having guns around you again? It’s unfair how innocent lives are taken away from us with this firearms. Gun has gained control in society and is ruling over us. I, Mr. Knox am varying for town mayor position in the next election post. Governance requires more than having a weapon and having the skills to use it.

Gun violence happens to be a big issue in the world today. In every state, city, and neighborhood there is violence. Our government today is fighting the problem of illegal ownership of guns and any form of violation. A mass shot has been a dangerous factor for the people of this town. Countless deaths due to the violence of weapon have been a great grief to everyone. Having the right to bear firearm and keep them is the second amendment. The amendment has been violated due to the fact that underage is able to access weapon in the name of protection. Gun ownership by an authorized person or underage lead to gun death. In fact ownership of arm by the wrong people has increased the rate of suicides, violent crimes, and homicide both at home and away from home. Youths with high hopes and dreams have lost it all due to gunshots. They have been robbed their future, a great future has been taken from us. Films and magazines have praised how powerful and superior on can be by owning a firearm but has left out the effect of having it.

Death of these citizens matters to us as the people of the town. This is our high time to decide on the future we want a future for this town. Say no to town massacre and cruel death. Say no to more gun shots our city needs more that what we are facing right now. This only count with our votes. Vote for change, a mayor that will bring all the citizens needs to a consideration. Justice to those who deserve it, to the families who grief now justice will be served to you. For the lawbreaker who bends the law to gain there way, the government will deal with you accordingly (Van Sparrentak et al.,. 884-886).

Owing to a gun that is purposely of r protection and other good intention will bring order among the citizens. All citizens are required to abide by the law of the state while acquiring these firearms. This would ensure that no gun has been given to wrong hands. Guardian should take responsibly of the teenagers. There was this teenager who was almost a youth to society. The frustration of being young and poor gave him the need to become an adult in a community that viewed him as a kid. David Glover who was black take dangerous action to prove a point. David wanted to show that he was a man enough. He decides to own a gun as a sign of manhood. He goes ahead and borrows a catalog mail-order from the owner of a local store. This makes him obsessed with the idea of becoming a man and owning his gun. He comes up with a strategy of persuading his mom to allow him to have a weapon of his own. Being a child who has all the skills when it comes to manipulating his mother, he does it all. He starts doing duties for her mum and not his father. He slips his arm around his mother and letting her know that he loves her. His strategize works on her mother, and when David proposes that his father should take the gun, she refuses. She asks David to purchase it on the condition that he must return it to Mr. Glover. David delays to keep in bed, and this is how he ends up holding the gun. The following morning he goes with it to work he heads to place far from other laborers to make a shot without them hearing. Full of confidence he makes a shot that nearly got to his feet and almost tore his right arm. The notice and the violence of the gun make him angry, and he keeps it and faces to Jenny.

Jenny moves wildly while tossing her head. When David comes over, he notices that he has shot her. He plays a dishonest act by trying to lie to convince everyone on the situation that just happened. Gathered are his mother and the townspeople, his mother insists on the truth from David. After listening to the story, the crowd elicits laughter that keeps echoing on David`s ear all the time. The echoes hurt him more than the punishment he got to pay for Jenny`s death from his little wages. He later lies that he threw the arm into a creek but what he did is that that he buried it to keep it safe. He is desperate on proving to people that he is a real man. He digs it out and decides to fire the revolver again, but he hears the whistle of a train (Wright & Richard, 499-511).

The young man wanted to feel like a man in society in a dangerous way. I will ensure that public education on the effect of mishandling guns. The parent who owns a firearm should keep them out of children reach.  As a mayo, I will ensure that weapons are not accessed to an individual who is at high risk of harming themselves or other citizens.  In an interview by Zacharia to Dr. Barnohorst and Dr. Gupta, they discuss the laws of the ‘red flag.’ These laws are there to regulate the sale of a firearm to people who are at high risk of harming them self.

The gun industries or stores that link this gun to unauthorized people should be held accountable for their actions. The government will oversee the sale and marketing of firearms. Our officer will also research the gun death case and keep those associated with the murder accountable. My main aim is to end illegal and immunity industries who manufacture guns. A legal process will be implemented on how to get access to making firearms (Klec, 153).

In conclusion, soon you`ve elected me your new town mayor I will oppose reckless ownership of firearms. This is to the benefit of all of us, for our children for the future of tomorrow. I may not be able to bring the lost lives back, but I promise to save lives from any form of violence. So vote for a permanent change, vote for me.”



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