Pets and Public Health

Keeping pets is a great deal of responsibility as they add to our companionship as well as years. If the pets are healthy, they can improve the health conditions of the owners. On the contrary, they can sometimes carry germs that can make people sick. As a result, they are required to be healthy to ensure that the public health is safe and the people around them do not suffer as a consequence of their sickness. To keep pets and community health, the pet owners should know various diseases affecting pets and their control measures.

Horses are animals that add to our companionship as well as provide recreational enjoyment to us. However, there is some health risk associated with its companionships. For instance, horses contain the zoonotic disease that can cause minor infections to us as well as severe skin infections. To protect ourselves from these infections, one should seek the assistance of the veterinary doctor to ensure that horses are treated. Secondly, horses can be affected by salmonellosis which affects people when they come into contact with horse stools. It results in vomiting, fever and abdominal cramps in the human being. To prevent this, children and people should wash their hands in running water after coming into contact with the horse manure.

Secondly, the community should care about the health conditions of pets to ensure that the cases of death are minimized. Some pets contain deadly diseases which if human being come into contact with, can lead to severe health conditions. For example, cat-scratch disease spread into a human being when an infected cat licks a person’s open wound or bites a person. To prevent this, a person should not allow cats to bite them and can also wash bites with running water for infected persons. Further, a person should see a doctor ensure that the disease is adequately controlled.

Rabies is an infection that is caused by the rabies virus. It is transmitted through a bite of a rabid animal. An infected person has various symptoms. For example, at an early stage, the symptoms include fever, headache, and discomfort. Later, it develops anxiety, confusion, and hallucinations. It can be prevented by avoiding bites from a cat. The disease is most commonly seen in cats, and the cat owners should ensure that children are avoided from playing with it. This is to ensure that the cat does not bite them or the cat licks their wounds. The cats should also be vaccinated regularly. For example, weekly or monthly to ensure that they are not infected with this deadly disease. Our behaviors that lead to neglecting the pets make them contact diseases as they are not adequately treated or vaccinated. The general public should beware of keeping the pets healthy as this have health benefits to them as well. Keeping pets healthy makes the general public health as they can prevent this disease from affecting them.

In conclusion, it is essential for the pet owners to know various disease affecting pets they keep at home and multiple actions to take to prevent and treat such conditions. This is safe for them as they can save themselves from contracting certain diseases that come from infected animals. Such disease may include cat scratch diseases, rabies and zoonotic disease in horses. The general public should be aware of this disease to ensure that they are prevented because their control requires much money.