As concluded, the big pharmaceuticals have just been taking advantage of existing problems.  People suffer from different disorders but I do not think some of the drugs people are taking are necessary. It is very disheartening how these pharmaceuticals hide information about the possible side effects of using these drugs. They are very busy advertising these drugs on every available platform but never take the time or resources to inform people about the side effects. I think this is unethical on their side. All they care about is increasing sales.  The people on the other hand are busy treating imaginary disorders.

An increased understanding of the Abnormal Psychology is very significant in my career. As learnt, not all abnormal behaviours are disorders. In some cultures, there are normal cultural practices that might be considered as abnormal in other cultures. As a psychologist, one needs to understand the cultural practices and behaviours of a patient before diagnosing. In addition, some disorders are associated with certain people. The dhat syndrome is prevalent in India. It is rare in other continents. What we consider as normal behaviour in our culture might be a disorder in another culture. These syndromes are impacted by culture.

Disorders can be treated differently depending on the degree. However, the big pharmaceutical in the industry have introduced drugs for every syndrome. Everything has two sides, the positive and negative side. These drugs are portrayed as one sided. I wonder how the next generation of adults will be like. If only everyone had the right information, the situation would be better. For me, having the knowledge has helped me relate well with other s and advance my career.

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