Pharmacy Related


Medical problems happen in many ways in the bodies of humans. Their beginning signifies the onset of the condition which is usually located in a particular part of the body. The duration of these medical problems takes a specific period depending on their response to the given treatment. This is monitored through observance of the different characteristics that the condition may show. The state of the problem is subjected to relieving and aggravating factors which are vital in the timing of the symptoms and signs. This is done to assess how severe the condition is because medical problems come in different intensities.

Review of the dosing of over the counter drugs

The needs of the medical practitioners to examine the need to give medicine before giving it is very vital. It is one of the ways through which errors of underdose ad overdose can be avoided since they are very lethal in the body. The drugs given over the counter needs thorough scrutiny before they are assigned based on their contents, the warnings, usage, the drug fact, directions and the conditions of use. This gives guidance to the users to make them aware of the kind of substances they are handling.

These are medications used for dealing with common health problems including flu, allergies, and pains, stomach issues among other complications that don’t need one to visit medical centers. They are also conveniently found in chemists and medical clinics that are near people’s residents. They are mainly available in many forms including sprays, tablets, liquids among others. There is no need to get doctors approval to use them because they have labels on how to use from the manufacturer. They are real drugs although many people misuse them through over or underdosing. The drug interaction with the body depends on the kind of medical problem the patient is having.


The reading and understanding of the drug label are essential when dealing with the drug because it acts as a guideline to the person taking them. A miscalculated mistake can make one suffer from the consequences of abusing the drug. The drug facts that indicate the age, timing, the patient and quantity of the drug to be taken must be adhered to as a way of safeguarding the health of the patient. This makes the drugs to be effectively used by solving the medical conditions present.


The need for diagnostic testing

Before one is given the Over The Counter drugs like ibuprofen and acetaminophen, they have to be tested for the medical problem to be identified. It is a medical and professional way of checking the patient disease which is so vital before admiration of any drug. It does not only show the nature of the disease, but it also shows the degree of development in the patient’s body. It helps in the monitoring of the patient’s body to check whether the disease can be controlled. This gives the doctors some light to provide the best form of medical advice to the patients. Patients can now receive the go-ahead to take drugs or not after the disease is examined and identified.

Diagnosis is very instrumental in the screening of the signs and symptoms of diseases to identify the medical complication to start treating. The patients undergo some tests after some oral interaction with the medical specialists. This gives the doctor the right professional and accurate judgment for them to ethically administer the drugs to the patients. It is important because the patients also end up knowing what they are suffering from before taking the subscription of the drugs. If I could be a medical doctor, I could bring some online treatment method where the over the counter drugs are ordered online to the patients’ premises. This is because technology has eased things. It will also be convenient for patients who are far from drugs shops.