PhD in Psychology

For the longest time, psychology has played an instrumental role in shaping and solving the societal needs of different communities. Across the globe, communities have benefitted from solutions that have been based on psychology in areas ranging from mental illnesses to incarcerations. In particular, the people of color continue to face marginalization in areas considered to be white dominated. Blacks and Latinos are continually abused through such methods as discrimination in education and incarceration. Today, about one in three black men is likely to be incarcerated in their lifetime with similar trends among the Latinos. Continued investments among the people of color in areas such as education presents a sure bet in the fight against these discriminations. Ultimately, a Ph.D. in Human Services and Social Policy would be an added advantage in the betterment of the social lives of the Blacks and Latinos in America.

I have for a long time held special interests in the study of psychology and especially the role of human services and social policy.  My personal background as a person of color has motivated me to pursue education in an attempt at solving some of the issue that my community faces. It is always my belief that education is a sure bet in the solution of such problems among the Blacks and Latino community. I aim to attain the highest level of education in the fields of psychology so as to empower the people of color to fight the ills of the society. My enrolment in this program would thus be helpful as it will enable me to initiate projects that target the Blacks and Latino communities. My career aspirations are largely centered on social work and the psychology and sociology of different communities. However, I wish to delve in the issues that affect the people of color since they are the minority in the American society. In part, the motivation I have in this field stems from the historical abuse that the community has faced at the hands of the American society. The subjects of social work have always been interesting to me due to the impact that they have on the communities involved. It is in this regard that I wish to pursue this Ph.D. program.

The beauty of the program that I wish to pursue is that it empowers the subject with the ability to impact positive change in the society. Upon attainment of my academic prospects, I aim to get active involvement in solving societal problems. For a long time, I have observed that Blacks and Latinos are at the receiving end of societal problems owing to discriminatory tendencies among Americans. Through education, most of these problems can get a permanent solution as the people are empowered to solve issues that are dear to them. In addition, statistics show that people of color are more likely to be incarcerated compared to their white counterparts. This is an issue that continually faces the American society in today’s modern times raising questions on the government’s commitment towards eradication of discrimination. I aim to encourage people of color to commit to education so as to empower themselves and tackle issues affecting their society. For instance, a very small percentage of people of color continue with their higher education with most of them opting out for early employment. The best solution to this problem entails a focus on the issues leading to such tendencies such as crime and abuse. Through this, I aim to solve the issue affecting the people of color permanently.

Through my pursuit of a Ph.D. in Human Services and Social Policy, I will conduct widespread research in areas affecting my society. My community background as a person of color has played a key influence in my career prospects. In this respect therefore, the society is sure to benefit from my research as I will focus on issues that affect the society. The personal appeal with which I hold these issues will ensure that I delve in these issues at a greater scale. Part of my research will involve the relationship between dropout in education and the advent of incarceration among the black people. It is expected that research in these fields will help in the reduction of these incarcerations among the people of color. In addition, the general public should be educated on issues that affect the people of color to increase social awareness. Issues such as mental health among the Black and Latino communities stand to benefit from my research prospects. The recommendations in this research will go a long way in identifying societal problems as well as the solution of such issues as mental healthcare among the people of color (Lincoln et al, 2015). Better approaches to the issues of incarceration and mental healthcare of the people of color will also be exploited.

In the course of my academic travails, I have come to appreciate the Rise Principles and the role they play in solving societal problems. In my career pursuit, I aim to solve at least three of these principles with regard to the people of color. One of the main principles I wish to pursue is the narrative change principle through equal representation of races.  In this regard, my interventions will help in changing the hopeless, racist and criminalized misrepresentations of people of color. The prejudgment of such people of color to be criminals even before they are proven guilty is an issue that must be addressed. In addition, I aim to explore the principle of intersectionality with regard to the interrelatedness of different socioeconomic aspects. The role of race in determining social economic status as well as other identities among people of color will be explored in my research. The race should not be a basis for personal socioeconomic development in the American society. Lastly, the issue of balanced treatment of ethnic and racial groups is dear to me and my community. In these modern times, people should be treated in fairness regardless of their ethnic and racial groupings. My career will thus entail the advancement of this principle to attain societal development.


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