Philosophy and concepts of mission command


Leadershipskills arecrucially in the mission commands, just like the rest of the organization. Many soldiers would wish to be in a leadership position. However, there is a general lack of understanding of how to achieve it. The philosophy and concept of mission command lay a clear strategy for such individuals. It teaches the attribute of forming a leader in the control and createsa space to achieve that leadership. There are various ways that this process can be performed. This discussion evaluates such strategies and principlesof leadershipand, management in mission command. It bases its findings on the attribute of a good leader and how it takes an individual to manage power in the best way possible. Italso indicates factors to consider while aiming at being a mission commander. Understandingsuch leadership implies having the interestof beingthe leader that will create an impact in the mission command.

Keywords; leadership, discipline, philosophy, command, mission

Philosophy and concepts of mission command

The doctrine of mission command refers to the exercise of authority and management by a commander with the use of mission orders in a way that enables disciplined initiatives under the control of the commander’s intent to give power to adaptive and agile leaders as theconduct unified land operations. This philosophy is crucial in mentoring leaders who in turn create an impact in the future leadership of the command.There are several ways that the doctrine is applied in the process of ensuring proper administration. This discussion, therefore, focuses on the reflection of the use of the theory and philosophy of mission command to impact on the future duty and assignments as a leader.

Missioncommand helps in the building a cohesive teamthrough instilling mutual trust. The primary requirement for a commander is to have confidence. It helps to create a well-functioning task force by taking a daily routine task.  For successful management of a team, it becomes necessary to build a cohesive team especially by doing the routine, regular and mundane tasks together with the rest. The cohesiveness cones as a result of teamwork skills learned on the r-process of training o serving under a mission command.Teamwork is essential for leadership and management, and it helps in the achievement of a common goal through shared ask force that becomes dedicated to supporting anduplifting one another in the team. It becomes one of the main interests of the philosophy of mission command.

Mission command is a way of realizing a shared understanding with everyone recognizing his or her importance in pulling together as a way of fulfilling the mission and the vision of a unit of management.Taking a case of an operation manages, everyone has a role to play, and the process cannot be successful without combined coordination from different individuals.If one department or individual fails to perform the task as required, it means the failure of everyone to finish the mission. Therefore, it becomes the role of the mission command to instill an understanding and implication of working together as a team.

Mission command is an essential tool in exercising disciplined initiatives. The foundation of this discipline is from the first concept of building a team using mutual trust and creating a clear understanding.Thesubordinatesare likely to have the confidence to practice discipline initiatives… According to the Voiced Horatio Nelson, who was a former commander of the Britishroyal navy, during the Napoleonic war, there was no way a captain can be wrong in a case he decides to place his ship alongside that of the enemy. In other word, he meant that the desired end had been met, it becomes the right way. It becomes a better way of sweeping a hunger floor. In cases of dealing with the troop, they are assured of going home after the completionofthere task, the theorywill be more innovative and create the best way to achieve it. It does not matter the means of doing it so long as the result of the mission is met.The methods and the innovative skills that will be achieved is as a result of teamwork and the discipline to obey commands and work together for the achievement of the missions desired.Even though there can be a mistake in handling such a task, thereare good lessons to learn from them. Inthis case, it becomes essential to encourage initiatives at the same time underwrite failure.  The mission command, therefore, becomes an essential avenue in creating a discipline task force and develop a   system of good leadership.

The leadership concept in the mission command becomes afundamental step in ensuring a proper future for the management of a team. There are specific traits of the mission command that naturally create a leadership skill and help an individual for the control of a unit with all the confidence required, one of such componentof the mission command is accepting the mission risk, with a proper preparation to take the chance. Without risk in the management, there cannot be progress since there will be no initiatives to innovate. Mission command is an excellent teacher of risk-taking. It enables the risk-taking in mission command to involve having the capacity to make be innovative on handling mission duties and ensuring a positive result through analyzing and skimming the result.

There are specific components of leadership that may make an individual develop into a leader that brings a change in the institution that he or she operates.The administration involves two neither people nor groups, the onethatleads and the group that follows. The influence is aimed at getting results and hence the development of the organization.  It accomplishes a mission of high quality while still sustaining and improving the organization with the available resources. Itrequires a balance and creation of a system that helps to create a positive result in both the management and the command of the command. It involves taking care of the people that include the creation of a favorable sustainable climate through establishing open communicationteamwork and trust. Achievingsuch a component as a leader requires undergoing a series of experience that will help to drive permanent sustainability and creation of change towards the success of the mission.

There are several factors to be considered in ensuring that the required level is reached.  One of such requirement entails having the discipline to re-take command and follow the authority in the mission. It also involvesthe ability to work in a team and gather the information that is necessary for the advancement of society. Following the response of the authority of a leader in a general or reply to the specific guideline is a critical measure in the building of the long-lasting power to lead an organization.

Proper development of leadership skill involves having the capability to apply the influence. This influence comes from the committee wherethe followers are willing to follow and act for a higherpurpose in the missions. The act of response to authority and the ability to imply influence from others help in the sustainability and enabling the person to develop technical skills based on the actions that he or she is required to take in a case of being in the position of power. Ithelps s in the creation of the process of defining leaders that can impact a change andensure long sustainability. Thesustainability of theleadership should be based on finding the solutions to the continuing problems in the organization.

There is a strong connection between leadership and courage. An army leader must be ready to take responsibility to develop and heal others to achieve a positive result.All the members of the army always swear an oath and support and defend theconstitutionof the USA. This oath is helpful in the definition of the acts of the American soldiers to be ready to die for their country through the process of self-sacrifice and the ability to maintain.

Theoaththat is taken makes the soldiers support each other both during the war and outsidethe military missions. The ability to establish such skills and the ability to maintain along lasting relationships among the soldiers becomes the critical factors in ensuring that there are trust and unity in the missions and the solidarity in the leadership. A leader I in there military ids excuseact to create a personal relationship with the rest of the soldiers to ensure that the administration is worth it both at work and in the average life of the soldier.

The mission command calls for situational leadership. This is the tendency of being ready to provide a sustainable solution for a situation while in the army combat or anadmission. The skills of situationalleadership involve the ability to come out and solve the portables that may emanatewithout being compelled by the authority. The act of taking command and giving command during ambush becomes a leadership skill that is developed in the combat and is required for any individual aspiring to lead an army in the future. Situational leadership needs a decision-making process that is accurate and workable in the shortest way possible. It must result in a positive result to help in creating asecures place that makes a change.

The act of developing a plan to overcome an enemy requires a whole discipline. For any person to be a good leader, it must start with the discipline level. It involves the ability to take orders and accept the mentorship program that may be available in the command.It is therefore based on the ability to understandthe instruction and obey laws based on the onthe situating. It also involves an act of stewardship which makes other individuals safe in the situations of terror and other crucialareas.

An analysis of leadership requirementmodel for a mission command reveals a wide range of such models. It is based on the attributes that cover character, intellect, presence, achieves among others.  Missioncommand enables the development of such qualities, and hence it becomes crucial in the mentorship and treating of leaders.Theability to have such attributes defines a personthat is tread to take a mission command leadership and help In ensuring continuous sustainability of the mission.

Theintellectability in the modelsis defined by the act of being a fast thinkerand creating a solution to a continuing problem in the shortest way possible. Moreover, the intellect ability is crucial in the formation of soundjudgment, and being expert in the mission. These are crucial in the sustainability and development for a future mission command in all aspect of the mission commands.

There are other attributed that are withunderstanding for an aspiring mission command leader. They apply to global leadershipthat may change the look of a leader. Thereareseveralcaseswhere a mission command is required understanding the welfare of other soldiers and being sensitive to matters that affect their subjects. Achieving this requires having the passion and the actof developing a companionship relationship with the issue. Afartheranalysis revels being patient to the rest of soldiers and ensuring that they work in an environmentthatsupports togetherness and boost their morale of the jobs.


Missioncommand is a dedication and a call that is crucial in the army and otherarmedforces. It requires leadership that is sustaining and ensuresthatit creates a changein society. Several factors define a leader in the mission command. Apart from intellect ability, the general attribute of loyalty and discipline will help to achieve a good leader in the mission command. Thereare vital issues that need to be solved in the process of ensuring a leadership command.   Amongsuch method include proving to be self-determined and have the compassion to lead the others in the best way possible the process mustalso ensure having the willingness to create a sustainable environment and therefore bring the best out of the personal attribute. The leadership skills required for mission command is based on the principle along time experience in the mission and the ability to createtogetherness with the rest of the soldiers.

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