Philosophy Questions


My philosophy is to make the world a better place for me, my family, friends and everyone in general. To achieve this, I have to come up with rules that will enable me to live up to what I desire to be. I believe in hard work and punctuality, and these have been my guiding principles in my daily life as long as I can remember. For example, I wake up at 5: 30 every day, and I start by jogging, running or taking a walk. After that, I prepare for school, and when not in school, I do other things such as gardening or engaging in social work. My core values are service, creativity, and authenticity. I know that if I violate any of these values, I will steer myself to a path that will lead me to an unwanted destination. I always strive to be honest, social and most of all ready to help anyone who might need my help.


Religion and philosophy are two different concepts which can be used as a source of information when searching for knowledge. Religion is the belief of a supernatural person or being who takes care of or shapes and individuals destiny.  For instance, Christian’s believe that Jesus was the son of God because it is written so in the Bible. They believe the bible even though they are stories written by people because it is the foundation of Christianity. The practice is based on faith, but it does not claim its belief to be as a result of reason or rationality.

On the other hand, philosophy refers to the general rational investigation of the truth. A philosopher seeks to provide reasons why something is the way it is by providing all the possible scenarios under its occurrence or existence.  For example, the notion that behaviour is an acquired trait and not inherent has been arrived at after a lot of research and different opinions on the same. To some extent, religion and philosophy are what makes the actions of people reasonable.



One of the earliest philosophers whose philosophical thoughts I agree with is Thales. The four main views of Thales are: the earth rests on water; the magnet has a soul; water is the beginning of all things, and all things are full of gods. The most exciting aspect in my view is Thales’ view that the earth rests on water. It seems that Thales is explaining the various puzzling natural occurrences such as why earthquakes occur. For instance, if the earth is above water, it is likely to get rocked by the water’s wave action which results to the earthquakes. I believe that Thales tries to explain the various natural phenomena and to some extent; he wants to discourage people from being too religious at the expense of nature. I believe that understanding science is necessary for dealing with some of the problems we face now. For example, a sick person needs to take medicine because it has been proven to be effective; rather than praying to God or gods.


Thules’ philosophy can be likened to that of Pythagoras. The primary connection between the two philosophers is that they are identified to be the fathers of geometry. Thales believed that reasoning should take over replace intuition and experimentation and as a result, he started looking for solid principles with which he could build theorems.


Heraclitus and Parmenides are two classical thinkers who developed contrary ideas. For instance, Heraclitus believed in constant change and continuous movement while Parmenides thought that the world did not change and it would always be immobile. The two notions result to two different concepts on knowledge because each has his beliefs on how someone should acquire knowledge. Heraclitus implies that change is the only way one can gain knowledge because it gives him or her different experiences and perceptions. On the other hand, Parmenides beliefs that understanding can only be achieved through the way of truth, and this cannot change no matter the place or situation. The debate on knowledge is significant to philosophy because it provides us with an opportunity to reassess our beliefs and assumptions on what we know, the facts and the lies, and how to acquire knowledge best.



In his poem composed of hexameters, Parmenides explains his philosophy, understanding of life and existence. Parmenides states that we have two ways through which we can have access to knowledge namely the Way of Truth and the Way of Opinions. I agree with his philosophy because it eludes to the life we live in and it attempts to protect us from following ideas or traditions without questioning them. For instance, why do people feel the need to belittle women who choose not to or those who cannot have kids? Society dictates that the work of woman is to give birth, but as a learned person, I need not judge because every woman has different ambitions in life. As such, people should learn to include knowledge of opinions. The philosophy encourages one to do things because they feel right according to his or her beliefs because there is nothing more significant in this life than doing what satisfies you and makes you happy without being answerable to anyone. For example, I believe that religion is a way of connecting with God although this does not prevent me from criticising some of its doctrines.


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