Phoenix Industries Marketplace Simulation

The paper is an analysis done by Group 4 regarding the marketplace simulation of Phoenix industries in quarter four. In the analysis, financial as well as market performance of the company is achieved through rigorous processes. In addition, a discussion is presented with regard to the fourth quarter of the company’s performance. The main aim of the paper is to therefore identify the actions taken and the overall performance as well as the results attained.

The management of the company is analyzed in detail including the hierarchical leadership of the company. Essentially, the President is Ninderjit kaur while Pui Kei Ng, Gabriel Speed and William Borg are the VP’s of Advertising, Finance, Marketing Research and Brand management respectively. All these are required to employ their skills and knowledge in launching a new computer company to compete in the market.

The performance of the company was relatively impressive having a total performance of 0.767. However, the performance was still poor when compared with that of competitors. Nonetheless, the company had the highest rating in terms of its investments in the firm’s future at 4.282.  In a bid to boost its performance, the company created two desktop and two laptop computers. Each of these computer designs was improved from earlier versions as necessitated from the team’s judgment.

The choice of market for the computers was the traveler and Workhorse markets due to their significantly large market segments. In the first three quarters, the company performed poorly with only the fourth quarter realizing a marginal profit. The profit from the fourth quarter provided an impetus for growth in the subsequent quarters thus attracting even more investments.


Business and Industry Description

The company is relatively new in the industry and faced a highly competitive and fast paced market of computer sales and development. Initially, the company procured an office with subsequent offices in Toronto and Shanghai within a very short period of time. Accordingly, the opening up of new offices in different regions was motivated by the desire to sell computer products to business and business travelers. In terms of advertising, the company primarily focused on Business and Executive Business Newspapers as well as Computer Magazines. In addition, some of the advertisements were done in the Science and Technology field. The objective of the company was to provide its customers with quality while still maintaining affordability.

Overview of the Industry

The nature of the industry is such that it is fast paced with new companies starting operations every time. The fact that barriers to entry are minimal has seen companies such as RISE, Pikainen Tech and Adroit Inc start their operations at a similar time as Phoenix Industries. In making company decisions, all the entrants had similar choices to make including the initial computer design and their office locations. While Phoenix was trying to gain access to the market in the limited cities, others created computers fast and dominated in many locations.

The company’s SWOT analysis is based on different factors, both internal and external. The strengths included the company’s focus on creating and selling quality computers at an affordable rate in a limited market to lower the risks of being caught off guard. The weakness was limited marketing experience in getting the products to eth customers. Still, the company had opportunities in the four cities that comprised its three target markets. The threats facing the company were the entry of numerous companies dealing in the same product.



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