• Manhasset experience was different from that of England where there was no Orthodox to relate to. The only comfort both locations came from the Pickles family.
  • Pickles family liked being on TV with their favorite program Rugrats which aired in 990s and 2000s on Nickelodeon.
  • The Cartoon had nine seasons and three movies and was famous to Tommy Pickles, his cousin as well as his friends. It focused on the American interfaith family such as that of Pickles (Delman, 2016). The cartoon portrayed the life of an American Jewish whereby the entire family was Christian, but Pickles and his mother were Jewish Matriarch.
  • The Cartoon was directed to the American audiences in 1994 where the Exodus story was showed and in 1996 a series showing Hanukkah special aired with the teaching of the Temple of menorah and Maccabean.
  • Jewishness of the Rugrats was very significant at that time, and up to date, Jewish characters are not common in the small Television movies and series (Delman, 2016). Rugrats is one of the shows that acknowledges that Jews exist. The show was one which offered American Jewish children a portrayal of the Jewish faith.

The narrator feels that American Television shows for children did not acknowledge his existence, but Rugrat played this role. Such audiences had felt marginalized for long, but Rugrat made him feel equal and just like any other ordinary society member (Delman, 2016). What aspects of the show made the narrator feel acknowledged? Did the show impact you in terms of religion?

Poor presentation of different religions has been common in the American media. This has however improved recently, but there is less improvement in African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Asian Americans. Which are some of the shows that have been aired in the small screens to deal with racism and ethnic differences?


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