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In Focus: The Transition to Democracy in Egypt

  1. Political change, just like the Arab Uprising, is often difficult to achieve because citizens and politicians have been accustomed to one mode of governance, dictatorship. It means that finding a group of people with common interests may take time which can be countered with massive repercussions. For example, consider the Egypt Arab Spring movement whereby government supporters suppressed the protestors against Hosni Mubarak’s political agenda (Global civics 158). It was only when the military was involved that the dictator fled.
  2. A democratically elected leader can still leave citizens feeling like they are under a dictatorship due to the framework of the government and its constitution. Accordingly, the constitution is a platform that ensures the government amends certain powers and responsibilities so that one arm of the government is not too powerful compared to the rest. It is the case of Egypt where the president seemed to have the same authority to be a dictator even after elections.
  3. Egypt’s reform to democracy involves the election of a president and parliamentary representatives which was not the case in the past (Selby and Tadros). Mainly, it includes the improvement and reimbursement of the Egyptian economy using various social-political strategies, including punishment of corrupt officials. In addition, government officials no longer secure their services, but they are now open for all.

An Interview with Holocaust Survivor

  1. Our responsibility is to ensure that human rights and freedom are expressed and followed. Failure to do so, warrants the involvement of the necessary authority against the people. If I found out someone in my school was being bullied on account of race, I would inform her that it is her right not to be discriminated. Notably, discrimination is a legal offense that should be reported (Global civics 158).
  2. Eva and the rest tell their story to provide a vivid picture of the repercussions of the Holocaust years later. We only hear of the atrocities that Hitler and his government carried out on people but, never heard of the survivor’s side of the story (Global civics 158). Therefore, I think it is only right we use what Eva and the rest say as a warning to being angry and hating others.


Discussion Topic 7: Civics and Citizenship in Global Communities

  1. Propaganda is used to ensure that any other information that influencers and other non-government individuals spread is not considered. It may change the public opinion which is not in the best interest of the government.

The merits of socialism and communism are the balance between the rich and poor, equal access to resources, and no social barriers (Pritting).  However, the government and unmotivated societies are bureaucratic and have much control.

  1. A country like Canada may have a mix of political ideologies because not all political concepts serve the needs of society and the government. For instance, it has a form of socialism that integrates the Aboriginals and other organizations but, it still has a democratic political agenda.
  2. In my opinion, there is no difference between a country that is more or less democratic but, one can measure it when the public is satisfied with the governance. In effect, democracy should be regulated through political goodwill, how the society considers the leadership, and historical view of any political unrests.
  3. Society can use graphic forms to measure democracy since it will provide a clear description (based on numbers) on which country serves its people best. For instance, the use of linear graphs.


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