Plessy v Ferguson

Plessy v Ferguson

Plessy v Ferguson

  1. What distinction means can be useful in the comparison of Plessy v Fergusson?
  2. The effects and causes
  3. Order of sequence
  4. Compare and contrast
  5. Which is the main idea in passage 3, page 1?

The dull studies, when used as evidence, indicated that segregated schools had detrimental effects on African American students

Oliver Brown has multiple skills and abilities: He was a welder and pastor

  1. Why did the court ban separate schools that taught by racial segregation?
  2. What is the best summary for the second paragraph in passage 1, page 1?
  3. What is not the synonym of inferior?
  4. Substandard
  5. Weak
  6. Poor grade

Brown vs. Board of Education

  1. Why does the administration justice focus on the freedom to citizens and not to the statutes?
  2. Why do you think the state will fail in prescribing a rule of conduct among civilians by allocating whites and blacks on different sides of the courtroom?
  3. What is themain idea in the passage 3, page 2?
  4. All departments of government have distinct traits that align with the constitution
  5. The primary duty of courts is to execute legislative law and adhere to constitutional reforms
  6. Why do you think the state cannot separateProtestants and Roman Catholics in the railroad coaches?
  7. Why is it difficult for the government to moderate usage of streets and major towns

Loving v Virginia

  1. Did the policies against interracial marriage result in law evasion?
  2. How did racial segregation lead into an appeal at the VirginiaSupreme Court over the prejudice response?
  3. Why did Loving live together secretly even after the court rule in Virginia?
  4. How was Loving more concentrated on the civil rights for families?
  5. Predict the next ruling by the Supreme Court in Virginia


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