Policy Analysis Summary

The gun violence prevention and children’s safety act is a gun control policy, which has drawn numerous controversies in the US for years due to the divergent opinions on the issue by most citizens. Some of the US nationals believe that the government should limit the public access to guns within the United States, this is because they relate the rising cases of gun violence and terrorism to the easy access of guns in the US. In contrary, some section of the US citizens also believes that weapons are essential for self-protection against criminals and therefore the ordinary people should be allowed to access firearms. This policy was enacted by the US Senate and the House of Representatives in General Assembly in 4, April 2013.

The policy was seeking to eradicate the growing cases of violence which are attributed to the high presence of guns which comprises of both legal and illegal firearms in the US. As a result of the weak policies or regulations regarding the access of guns in the US, so many weapons had ended up in the hands of wrong individuals who use the arms to stir violence and kill the innocent individuals. The policy was therefore enacted to target the individuals who have illegal firearms, legal and illegal firearm dealers within the United States. Moreover, it is also intended to reduce the number of ordinary Americans who have guns as they pose a higher risk to the children and other family members.

By enacting this policy, it is expected that there is going to be a sharp decline in the number of gun-related deaths reported annually in the United States. The regulation of access to guns by the individuals in the US was also expected to reduce the cases of terrorism which have been witnessed in different states of the United States by the individual gun holders who spray the bullets to the unsuspecting civilians. Due to the easy access of guns within the United States, many of the criminals have been able to purchase firearms from the illegal dealers who sell them unregistered guns, thus, making it difficult to arrest the criminals and charge them for the criminal offences. The policy will, therefore, abolish all forms of illegal selling of guns, and this will make it easier to trace criminals and hold them in prisons. The presence of firearms in most homesteads has also been a challenge to the safety of the children who access the guns endanger their own lives, fellow kids or those who are around them.

The gun violence prevention and children’s safety act has effectively contributed to the reduction of the number of gun-related deaths in the US since the time the Senate enacted it. The policy has worked because it eliminated the access to wrong access to guns by the individuals who were not considered fit to own firearms such as mentally ill people, criminals and children. This is because stricter background checks were conducted before an individual is licensed to own a gun. Before one is ascertained to own a gun, they are undertaken through regular training on how to handle the guns safely without endangering the lives of those who are living with them. The policy has therefore been effective in the reduction of gun violence in the entire US.

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