Policy brief fact sheet

Policy brief fact sheet

Issue summary

The healthcare system requires changes in health policies, which is necessitated by the presence of regulations, laws, and policies that inadequately formulated.

Thus, healthcare advocates have campaigned for the regulation of national, local and state policies with the aim of improving patient care.

Minimizing and preventing suffering for patients with disabilities is one of the major issues driving the advocacy for policy change.

Relevant background information

The issue of policy development is a critical issue in healthcare provision. Particularly nurses are considered to occupy a vital position in healthcare delivery and their involvement in policy formation is valuable.

The American health system requires several health policy changes to improve medical care delivery.

In a complex healthcare system, it is critical to ensure that Americans receive the best services.

Policy briefs are essential to nurses as they provide relevant information used to understand the problem context and possible solutions.


Several stakeholders are involved in the healthcare policy. The major stakeholder is healthcare professionals are they represent their clients, and the client’s family when making decisions.

Additionally, health insurance providers, the government, patients and their family are also stakeholders.

Other stakeholders include Medicaid and agency leadership, the community where the institution operates, and the state.

These stakeholders advocate for policy changes that solve health access challenges and promote equitable and affordable quality healthcare.

Alternative recommendation and analysis

The alternative recommendation and analysis are based on the National Conference State Legislature which promotes the need for alternative solutions aimed at eliminating healthcare disparities.

Promoting the appropriate use of health care resources is one of the recommendations for it assist in lowering the costs of healthcare delivery and thereby improving the quality of services.

The other alternative is increasing the number of competent healthcare providers. A larger competent workforce facilitates easy healthcare access, especially to the minority groups.

Action required

The main action advanced in policy change is the choice to use computerized health records.

The policy aims at facilitating efficient patient care by allowing healthcare providers to avoid healthcare errors and also reduce operating costs.

The policy promotes the adoption of Health Information Technology which is essential for improving healthcare and reducing healthcare disparities.