Policy vs. Law

A policy is that which outlines what a government is going to do and what it can precisely achieve for the society as a whole. On the other hand, laws are the set of standards, procedures, and principles that society must follow (Difference Between Law and Policy | Difference Between | Law vs. Policy, 2011). Healthcare policies are the actions, plans, and decisions which are precisely undertaken to achieve specific health care goals within the society. Health care policies are much essential since they help define the vision for the future of healthcare which in turn helps the health care professionals to set targets and points of references for both the short and medium terms (Healthcare Policies | List of High Impact Articles | PPts | Journals | Videos, n.d.). All categories of healthcare policies such as pharmaceutical policies, and personal healthcare policies, as well as other policies related to public health care, are vital in helping improve care within our society. Healthcare laws are preciously concerned with who can receive healthcare and who should pay for it (What is Health Care Law?n.d.). The laws concerning who the health insurance companies can and must cover have been changing from time to time. I believe that healthcare laws are vital since they help ensure that patients are not exploited and they receive necessary care at the desired cost.

In my workplace, there is a policy that each department should always work as a team and the entire department should be responsible for the actions of any of the department workers. This policy precisely addresses QSEN competency since it helps ensure that all the healthcare professionals within each department improve the quality and safety of the healthcare systems within the department through teamwork and collaboration. The policy has enabled all the facility departments to faction more effectively fostering better communication, mutual respect, and better decision-making hence resulting in improved patient care (QSEN Competencies, n.d.).


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Hello Christina,

I do agree with you that laws aremuch needed in healthcare. I think that without laws, patients could be much exploitedespecially by theinsurance providers. Laws are needed to regulate all activities that all healthcare stakeholders are involved in. Additionally, I do believe that polices are essential within the healthcare facilities since they would help ensure patients receive quality care. Indeed you are right that policies some of the policies are made to ensure that the laws that exist are followed. Thank you for sharing your informative post.


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Hi Stacy,

I do agree with you that laws are punishable rules that are made by the government and their violation would lead to severe consequences. As you mentioned, policies can be made by any institution to guide their practices. I believe that both laws and policies are essential in healthcare. The laws help ensure thateverything moves smoothly within the entire healthcare industry while policies help guide the facilities practices such as the quality of care and patient safety. Thank you for sharing.


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